Student Spotlight: Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations

Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO) is student-led organization that delivers pro bono consulting to nonprofits in the Cincinnati region.

SCNO provides strategic consulting to help clients achieve significant results in the community, while simultaneously fostering opportunities for students to develop professional skills and gain practical consulting experience. Past SCNO projects have included analytics, marketing, design and business strategy. Each project is tailored to fit the needs of nonprofit partners so that they may better fulfill their missions and impact the community.

Five SCNO participants converse around a table

In order to achieve the best possible results, SCNO recruits a diverse roster of talent, with majors ranging from finance or business analytics, to political science to industrial design. This cross-collaboration enables the student consultants to achieve a deeper understanding of the people they are serving and provide solutions that have been tested by different perspectives and backgrounds. While team members vary in experience, age and interest, they are united in their passion for serving our community through creative and critical problem solving.

Three SCNO participants converse around a laptop

“I'm extremely grateful to be in this organization," says one third-year SCNO team member. "I love that we work directly with the nonprofits and are able to define our own pace, teaching us many valuable lessons and soft skills. I also love the feeling of knowing that we are working on things that have a fundamental impact within our community, something that most classes can’t provide us with.”

Three SCNO participants seated at laptops

“I have loved the connections that SCNO has brought me through students in other colleges, as well as the consulting experience," adds an SCNO alum. "SCNO was a major talking point for me in multiple interviews for both internships and for graduate school. The ability to work together in a small team was also extremely beneficial.”

SCNO's goal is to enable passionate, service-driven students to use their talents and skills for the betterment of the Greater Cincinnati community. To learn more, please email us or visit our website.

The non-profit consulting landscape is always changing. One constant is SCNO’s vision to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships that support the work we do. If you are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities with SCNO, let us know at