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Student Organizations

The Carl H. Llindner College of Business has more than 20 organizations in a variety of business fields. The fields listed below are simply guidelines—most organizations are open to any Lindner College of Business student, regardless of major. When you find an organization you're interested in, just contact the faculty advisor listed for more information.


Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity 
Contact: Charles Matthews, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7123

American Marketing Association (UC AMA) 
Contact:  Elliott Manzon, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7071 and Ric Sweeney, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-3561

American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)
Contact: Ruth Seiple, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7155

Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honorary 
Contact: Molly Rogers, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7033

Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary 
Contact: Patty Ragio, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-6585
College-wide honorary for juniors, seniors and graduate students

Chi Omega Epsilon (Circle of Excellence)
Contact: Melissa Newman, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-5964

Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity 
Contact: Scott Gregory, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7037

Economics Society
Contact: Erwin Erhardt, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-2624

Entrepreneurship Club
Contact: Tom Dalziel, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7176

Finance Club 
Contact: Brian Hatch, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7076
For Finance Majors

iCats (International Bearcats)
Contact: Catalin Macarie, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-2608

Information Systems
Contact: Andrew Harrison, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-3894

Innovation Initiative
Contact: Ralph Brueggemann, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7019

INFORMS UC Student Chapter
Contact: David Rogers, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7143
Focuses on quantitative analysis, industrial management and operations management

International Business Club (IBC) 
Contact: Lee Armstrong, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7081

Lindner College of Business Student Ambassadors 
Contact: Curtis Eaton, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-3195

Lindner Student Association
Contact: Rick Warne, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-6320

Lindner Women in Business
Contact: Karen Manning, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-3935

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) 
Contact: Raqule Crawley, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556- 9002

Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants
Contact: Brian Goodman, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-6281

Omega Rho Honor Society for OR/MS/Analytics
Contact: David Rogers, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7143

Out in Business
Contact: Theresa Lyon, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7030
Sales Leadership Club
Contact:  Karen Manning, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-3935

Technomentorship Establishment
Contact: Tom Dalziel, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7176

University of Cincinnati Real Estate Association
Contact: Bridget Graber, Faculty Advisor,, (513) 556-7082