Lindner Instructional Design Studio

In response to COVID-19, the Instructional Design Studio has made some changes. Review our COVID-19 guide for more information. 

Welcome to the Lindner Instructional Design Studio, located on the 2nd level of the Lindner College of Business. This is a multimedia production studio that supports high-end content creation. The studio includes soundproof walls, professional cameras, audio equipment, studio lighting, green screen, and a lightboard. The studio manager will be present at all times to guide you through the creation of your materials. The studio offers a variety of content creation, including a lightboard, greenscreen, or full-interview recordings. These types of recordings include detailed editing services and the content will be delivered back to you once the editing process is complete, usually in 1-3 business days. Please see below to view the variety of videos we produce.

To request the use of the studio, log into Lindner Central and search for the Studio Request Form under Faculty/Staff Services. 

The Linder Lightboard

The lightboard is a tool that allows individuals to write on glass, similar to a chalkboard or a whiteboard. However, the glass surface allows the person to record themselves writing while facing students (the camera), instead of recording their back as they face and write on a whiteboard.


Greenscreen Lectures

This video type involves using a green screen to appear on camera with your powerpoint. Instead of a narrated powerpoint where students are only listening to you speak while viewing your content, this allows your students to engage with you on screen while viewing your slides. The studio has a teleprompter that allows you to view your slides while lecturing, just like you would in class. 


Demonstrations / Walkthroughs

This type of video involves using a green screen and a laptop to walk through a demonstration. We've had professionals use this type of video for a variety of things, including walking students through an excel activity or showing how to naviage a website. Basically, if you have an activity on a computer that you would like to show your audience, then this type of video is for you!


Information / Direct Address

These videos usually involve a talking person speaking directly to the camera. These videos are used for a variety of things, inlcuding program information or to relay a certain message. Our studio does have a teleprompter available for a script, which we usually recommend for videos like these. To make the video more interesting, we encourage the presenter to supply the video editor with graphics/visuals to make the presention more visually appealing. 


Interview Style

Interviewing interesting people can be an awesome experience that when done right, will provide impactful insight to your next video project. Interviews involve one or more people answering questions or speaking on camera. These can be useful for bringing in outside perspectives or expert voices into the learning environment. They involve planning, preparation and relavant questions to make sure that the interviewee addresses the whole topic and hits the necessary points.


If you would like to use the studio, please fill out our Lindner Studio request form linked here. If you have any questions about the studio or would like to know more, please reach out to Danielle Lawrence. 

Headshot of Danielle Lawrence

Danielle Lawrence

Multimedia Producer

2220H Lindner Hall