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Lindner Course Allows UC Students to Get Startup Business Experience

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:27 PM
Product launching involvement lets students “deliver it to the world” on the ShopLindner website.
Startup Business

Left to right: Andrew Garner, Professor Tom Dalziel, UC President Santa Ono, Nick Kling, James Sterling and Assistant-Professor-Educator Thomas Nelson

An entrepreneurship course in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business has a group of UC students primed to launch a T-shirt business and other products.

UC students James Sterling, BBA 17, Andrew Garner, ME ’15, Nick Kling, expl ’17, Jayla Burston-Rogers, LART ’17, and Kevin Burke, BBA ’15, designed and pitched the idea to UC President Santa Ono, who very much liked the “Ono You Didn’t” and “Ono You Don’t” T-shirt slogans.

The new Tuxedo-style shirts feature a black bow tie on the front and “Ono” slogans on the back. They were given a presidential thumbs up by Ono and are now available for purchase at $15 on the website.

In the Business Startup Experience course, students learn entrepreneurship first hand by developing a simple product or service and building a cross-functional team to “deliver it to the world,” says Thomas Nelson, assistant professor-educator of entrepreneurship and academic director of the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program.

As part of the course that teaches varied aspects of entrepreneurship, such as supply chain, reverse cash flow and marketing, students sell their products or services on the ShopLindner website. Laser cut wood earrings, bumper stickers, coasters, coffee mugs and more are among the items created and up for sale. Proceeds from the sale are donated to the UC Foundation/Bearcat Bridge Fund.