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UC Commencement is a Family Affair For Three Sets of Siblings at Lindner

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:27 PM
From co-op to extracurricular activities, having siblings by their side has made the UC experience all the more amazing for six Lindner students.
Kory and Kody Herchler

Identical twins Kory Herchler, left, and Kody

Commencement 2014 has become a family affair for three pairs of siblings set to graduate from UC’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

Identical twins Kody and Kory Herchler and siblings Ryan and Brandon Coutts and John and Steve Burns say there’s nothing like having your brother by your side throughout your college years.

“It’s a plus because there’s always a friend with you, going through the same things that you are, so it makes everything a lot easier,” says Kody, a finance major set to work at State Farm Insurance after graduation.  

Twin brother Kory says the transition to college was easier because of his sibling Kody. “When classes got tough, he was there to help me work through things,” says the finance major searching for a career in Cleveland.

John and Steve Burns

John Burns, left, and younger brother Steve

Aside from the comfort of having your family to lean on in tough times, Steve says there’s been other great UC and Lindner experiences. Steve, a marketing major with a finance minor, co-oped for three semesters at Fifth Third Bank.

“I liked getting real world experience,” he says of the co-op that landed him a career at Fifth Third Bank after graduation. Younger brother John, an entrepreneurship major, estimates that he and his brother took five classes together. For them, there’s no sibling separation after college as Steve also landed a job at Fifth Third Bank.

As the trio of siblings prepare for their upcoming graduation on April 26, they were quick to recall favorite memories—and regrets—as well as offer advice for incoming freshmen.

Dorm life, friendships and great classroom speakers such as Buddy LaRosa have been added to a long list of UC experiences to remember. Steve says his best UC memory was the Lindner Fast Track that offered “a great learning community and lifelong friends.” “All-nighters at the library,” is something Ryan, a marketing major with a sales minor, is not likely to forget. Ryan, a Lacrosse player, plans to move to Indianapolis after graduation to work in sales at Mondelez International, where he completed an internship during school.

Brandon, an information systems major who will move to Dayton, Ohio, after graduation to work at Wilmerhale law firm, expressed regret at not participating in a study abroad opportunity. Twins Kory and Kody regret finishing college in three years; both wish they could stay one more year.

Their advice to incoming UC students: “Try not to rush through college. I made the mistake of finishing in three years, which I now regret. The time goes by way too fast,” Kory says. “Get to know your learning community; studying and working in groups is so helpful,” Brandon says. Ryan added: “Freshman and sophomore year are the most crucial years to establish your GPA.”

All three sets of siblings voiced the same sentiment about UC— to make the most of your college experience and get involved

“I really enjoyed my time at UC and wish it wasn’t over,” John says.  Brandon added: “I’ve met so many different kinds of people and had so many great professors.”

“I may be leaving UC,” Ryan says, “but I’ll be a Bearcat for life.”