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Lindner Undergraduate Named a Quarter Finalist in National Sales Competition

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:27 PM
President of UC Sales Team primed for future in sales.
UC Sales Team

Alexandra Land, BBA ‘15, used her best sales skills to reach the quarterfinals of the 15th annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) in March at Kennesaw State in Georgia.

Land, a marketing major with a minor in sales and president of the UC Sales Team, competed against more than 130 students from 67 universities in North America. She advanced to the quarterfinal round of 38 students at the NCSC—the largest and oldest sales role-play competition in existence. The event also serves as a recruiting marketplace for Fortune 500 and other companies.

Land, pictured center of first row, says the competition depicts a real-world sales call that requires her to adapt her sales presentation to the needs of the buyer on the spot.  “Sales is no longer about promoting the best product, but helping the buyer solve a problem,” she says.

Her sales success led several companies to approach her with internship offers. Though a previous commitment prevents her from accepting those offers this summer, she vows to continue a professional relationship with an eye toward the future.