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UC Reaches Out to Hispanic Students to Make College a Reality

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:25 PM
Carl H. Lindner College of Business partners to promote college opportunities.

The Lindner College of Business is working with an outreach group to make college a reality for Hispanic students in the region.

To that end, the Lindner College of Business is partnering with ECHHO (Educators and Community Helping Hispanics Onward) to help further the group’s mission of promoting college opportunities for Hispanics throughout Ohio and surrounding states. 

To meet this charge, ECHHO members from 16 Ohio colleges and universities will convene at Lindner College of Business 11AM-2PM on August 30, 2012 to discuss a plan of action; others from the group’s 70-member roster will join the meeting through teleconferencing.

UC organizer LaDreka Karikari, assistant director of undergraduate enrollment and scholarships in the Lindner College of Business, says “the college is eager to learn about ways we can broaden our relationship with the Hispanic community.”

To raise awareness among Hispanic students, ECHHO plans to sponsor college fairs, promote scholarship opportunities and hold fund-raising events to help with the group’s outreach efforts.

ECHHO will coordinate its outreach efforts with parents and counselors and administrators at high school/vocational centers, as well as social service agencies, post secondary institutions and community organizations.

The outreach group annually awards merit-based scholarships to Hispanic students who are currently attending or plan to attend any of its member institutions.