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Lindner Business Analytics Professor David Kelton Will be a Featured Speaker at Risk Analytics Day Feb 11, 2015

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:26 PM
Professor David Kelton will be a featured speaker at Risk Analytics Day: "Valid Models and Analysis of Risk in Complex Real-World Settings: Simulation as a Method of Choice"

The UC Center for Business Analytics will host "Risk Analytics Day" on February 11, 2015 at the Tangeman University Center on the campus of the University of Cincinnati.  The full day program will appeal to professionals in the accounting, finance, security, and banking industries, although anyone who deals with fraud or simulation will also benefit.

Three speakers will present in the morning and the afternoon will be hands on risk analysis and simulation software demonstrations. Parking, breakfast. and lunch are included with registration.

Morning Speakers and Topics Include

  • "The Flaw of Averages and How to Cure It"  Sam L Savage
  • "Benford’s Law as a Risk Analytics Tool"  Mark Nigirini
  • "Valid Models and Analysis of Risk in Complex Real-World Settings:  Simulation as a Method of Choice" David Kelton

The afternoon software demonstrations include

  • Hands-On Simulation Modeling and Analysis with Arena 14.50.
  • SIPmath™ interactive Simulation in Excel: 10,000 Trials Before Your Finger Leaves the Enter Key, Without Macros or Add-ins.

The event fees are $95 for the morning session only  (3 speakers, networking breakfast and lunch are included) and $145 for both morning session and afternoon software demonstrations.

Further information and registration link

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