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DataInformed Calls Lindner MS Business Analytics Program a Name Brand in Big Data Education

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:26 PM
Leading data analytics publication highlights program's solid reputation and stellar track record of job placement.

Data Informed, a leading resource for business and IT professionals looking to plan and implement their data analytics and management strategies, published an article calling the University of Cincinnati's Master of Science in Business Analytics a name brand in big data education with a stellar record of job placement.

The publication interviewed Ed Winkofsky, Academic Director of the Master of Science in Business Analytics program and he highlighted differentiating points that make the program standout from other business analytics degree programs.  Students must have a rigorous background in math, ensuring that graduates not only can use analytics tools, but also understand the theories behind them.  The curriculum is consistently updated to reflect the changing needs in the business analytics environment.  Recently added courses include statistical computing and data management.

The school has a close connection with business and corporate partners through UC’s Center for Business Analytics. “These partners provide our students with real world data analytics experience and career opportunities,” Winkofsky said. Students can fulfill program requirements through internships and class projects with member companies through the Center and the program is continually updated with feedback from their corporate partners and the program’s graduates.