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TECHNOLOGY & INSURANCE: Lessons Learned from Teaching the Next Generation of IT Professionals

Insurance & Technology
Monday, December 19, 2016 6:26 PM
Professor shares insights from teaching graduate course in Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

In a June 18, 2012 article featured on the Insurance & Technology website, Piyush Singh, a CIO with Great American Insurance Company who teaches a graduate information systems course in the Lindner College of Business, stressed the importance of learning from experienced IT professionals to learn some of the irrational aspects they may encounter in the real world of business.

"A real advantage of an urban university environment like UC is our ability to draw on talented C-level individuals like Piyush Singh," says Jeff Camm, professor and head of the Department of Operations, Business Analytics and Information Systems. "The strategic and managerial experience these individuals bring to the classroom is invaluable."