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Eight Professors Named as 2013 Lindner Research Fellows

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:22 PM
New fellowship to support summer research projects.

As part of an ongoing mission to further research at the Lindner College of Business, the Lindner Research Committee selected eight faculty members as the first recipients of a new fellowship in support of summer research projects. The eight associate professors named as 2013 Lindner Research Fellows were:

  • David Brasington, associate professor of economics and Kautz Chair in Political Economy. Research: A deeper statistical look at how factors such as race, income, education and age impact home prices.
  • Roger Chiang, associate professor of information systems. Research: A strategy for extracting consumer preferences and product opinion information from social media that can be used for marketing intelligence such as price, design or market structure.
  •  Michael Ferguson, associate professor of finance and real estate. Research: Three research projects that deal with market imperfections and include a look at Major League Baseball teams who deviate from the standard economic goal of profit maximization to win more games, a study of corporate innovation and a technology spillover effect on investor returns, and the impact of Congress on the stock market that implies government actions hurt investors.
  • Craig Froehle, associate professor of operations management. Research: Through collaboration with graduate students, physicians, UC researchers and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, research focuses on adapting best practices from business (operations management) to improve healthcare costs, efficiency and patient experience.  
  •  Michael Fry, associate professor of operations and business analytics. Research: Through industry partnership, research centers on complex logistical network optimization to develop algorithms and tools used to design and manage complex supply chains to deliver materials on time, at a low cost and with minimal inventory.
  •  Dong-Gil Ko, associate professor of information systems. Research: Shaping the future of academic programs at UC and the IT needs of Greater Cincinnati and beyond, research examines IT & Business Human Capital to assess the demand for professionals, what traits recruiters look for and talent development (supply) to determine knowledge needed to prepare them for the business marketplace.
  •  Elaine Hollensbe, associate professor of management. Research: Among several qualitative projects in the works, Hollensbe is working on a collaborative multiyear, multimethod case study that examines the organizational identity in the Episcopal Church. A paper from this study is under second review at the Academy of Management Journal. In other projects, Hollensbe will examine social identification, role innovation, and intergenerational interactions, and she is part of a research team studying employees’ use of mobile technology at work.
  •  Suzanne Masterson, associate professor of management and doctoral program director. Research: Several projects are in the works, among them a study funded by the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Foundation to explore employees’ use of mobile communication technologies while at work (with Hollensbe and others). Some of the initial findings were presented at the Academy of Management conference in August 2013. Masterson will also work on numerous collaborative research projects, including a study of leadership, justice and workplace behaviors in China; a longitudinal study of students’ psychological contracts; a qualitative study of exterior workers, or employees who spend the majority of their time working outside of their organization’s physical location; and a study exploring employees’ personal use of the Internet while at work.