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September Update- CEC Partner Spotlight: Greater Cincinnati Venture Association

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:30 PM
GCVA is featured as this month's CEC Partner Spotlight!

As a hub for entrepreneurial opportunity in Cincinnati, the Center for Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (CEC) at UC is working hard to foster networks between the university and the business community so that together we can grow our region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and help its entrepreneurs to thrive.

The CEC continuously develops and fosters partnerships with Cincinnati figures and organizations. Throughout the year we want to highlight these treasured partners through our Partner Spotlight Campaign. Each month, the CEC showcases a different partner organization, and shines a spotlight on its work, its products and how its collaboration with the CEC is transforming entrepreneurship throughout the city.

This month, we explore the Greater Cincinnati Venture Association (GCVA), a vibrant organization that focuses on rallying Cincinnati’s tech community through promotional and educational start-up oriented programming. An externally facing front-door association, the GCVA dedicates itself to supporting young entrepreneurs and leveraging Cincinnati’s resources to help it become the premier start-up destination in the Midwest.

The CEC and the GCVA have been frequent collaborators in the past, with the latter organization supporting occasions such as the UC’s regional networking event, FUSE,  and the IQ E-pitch competition, which brings together students from around the university for a unique elevator pitch contest featuring investors from around Cincinnati.

As a rallying channel for the tech-focused entrepreneurial community in Cincinnati, much of the GCVA’s services focus on gathering the resources in the city and working with local partners such as the CEC to identify and coordinate young, entrepreneurial minds to help turn revolutionary ideas into business realities.

On the horizon for the GCVA is their upcoming “Bounty Week”. During this time, the GCVA will partner young college students and amateur coders with local start-ups, and put them to work on short term projects, or “bounties” for experiential learning opportunities with real businesses and the chance to make connections and gain valuable experience.

These events are expected to help foster more tech talent among young programmers throughout the city. Also coming soon from the GCVA are their “Breakfast Club” college tours. Set to come to UC this spring semester, this event will feature student-run start-ups conversing with young minds and sharing how they got started and what campus resources are available to them.

Visit the GCVA main page for more information on their events. Be sure to like them on Facebook also follow them on Twitter.

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Boluwatife Oriowo

CEC Reporter