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Cincinnati Pops Conductor Brings His Own Leadership Style to UC Classroom

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:30 PM
Guest of the Lindner College of Business brings unique perspective on guiding a team to achieve common goals.
Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

John Morris Russell, conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

John Morris Russell, esteemed conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, gave students at the Lindner College of Business a unique perspective on leadership.

As he spoke to students in the Introduction to Innovation class, Russell emphasized the importance of having a good leader wherever creativity is involved.  Leadership, he says, is present in many roles, from orchestras to boardrooms, and is crucial in maximizing efficiency and achieving organizational goals.

In describing his role as a conductor, Russell noted that leadership is what guides musicians to perform a given composition to create harmony.

Similar to many great leaders, Russell told students that he is faced with the challenge of upholding a great tradition of Cincinnati music.

 “American music is one of our greatest cultural exports and Cincinnati historically represents this mosaic,” he says.

Students were able to connect the importance of leadership and success through Russell’s experiences in upholding the world-renowned reputation of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.  

John Hartinger, an operations management major and a student in the class, noted the importance of bringing in classroom speakers to bridge learning from a textbook with the real world. 

 “These speakers give an inside perspective on how to become successful based on their own unique experiences,” Hartinger says. 

Introduction to Innovation is an undergraduate entrepreneurship class offered through the management department. The course presents students with a framework for implementing ideas and creating your own creative potential.