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Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs

Spring 2022 programs

Study abroad programs with tentative travel

Mexico - INTB 2014 Cultural Competence: Business, Economy & Culture (early career experience) with Dr. Margaret Reed

Business majors will develop their cultural competence and begin to understand the international business environment first-hand through business Spanish language and culture classes, discussions with experts in industry, company visits, and cultural sight-seeing. Students will learn how historical and cultural influences affect business relationships and gain a deeper understanding of Mexican culture by living with a host family.

Application required, accepted students will be given permission to register.

Italy - INTB 3090: International Retailing with Dr. Roseann Hassey.

This course will focus on international retailing through the lens of Milan, Italy. Students will experience cultural differences in all forms of retailing (from grocery to fashion).  We will examine retail strategy and shopper behavior and look for similarities and differences in retail practice.

Application required, accepted students will be given permission to register.

Germany - INTB 3092: Systems and Operations with Professor Rob Rokey.

Discover Germany through its picturesque cities and its innovative technology and manufacturing industry. Students will have the opportunity to travel to Munich, Heidelberg, and Mannheim while interacting with students at our partner, the University of Mannheim, tour companies such as SAP and BMW to learn how business works in Germany and in the global environment, and explore Bavaria's history and culture in Munich. This course will give you an understanding and appreciation for information systems and its essential role in adding value to leading companies in the European and world market.

Application required, accepted students will be given permission to register.

Spain - INTB 5027: Cross-Cultural Management with Professor Gema Bahns.

Understanding the influence of culture on interpersonal interactions is a fundamental skill to be an effective manager in today's global maketplace. This course will help you understand the impact of culture in management and enhance your ability to interact with people from cultures other than your own, specifically in the context of international business. Students will engage in multicultural management dynamics through lectures, discussions with leading academic and professional experts, company presentations and corporate tours.  

Application required, accepted students will be given permission to register.

South Africa - INTB 3093: Empowering Small Business Owners with Professor Karen Manning.

This course is designed for real-world application of marketing and design strategy in a deep, meaningful and transformative way. Lindner and DAAP students team up as consultants to work directly with entrepreneurs in the former apartheid township of Khayelitsha, located in Cape Town, South Africa. Using WhatsApp throughout the semester, student teams explore how to build entrepreneurs brand/business, and help them envision future potential using select marketing, branding and design frameworks and processes.  

Application required, accepted students will be given permission to register.

International Business on campus courses with virtual international engagement

Colombia - INTB 3094: Global Social Entrepreneurship: Sustainable and Profitable Solutions with Dr. Sue Mantel.

This course is intended to immerse the student in the culture, business climate, and issues of Colombia. The main focus is on social entrepreneurship: how to develop a product that would be responsive to a societal need and to produce a social benefit. The end result will be a full business plan for a social entrepreneurial company. Students will work in international teams (via Zoom) with students who are studying in an English-speaking program at Javieriana University in Colombia.

This course is OPEN for regular Catalyst enrollment!

INTB 5093: Special Topics in International Business: Working in Virtual Teams with Dr. Larry Gales.

The focus of this course is to provide students with a foundation in knowledge and analytical skills necessary to understand business/management in the global context of the 21st century. The Covid pandemic has made international business even more challenging than ever. We will examine the concept of national culture as it applies to management practice and we will examine sample cultures from several key business environments, focusing on the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China plus South Africa.

This course is OPEN for regular Catalyst enrollment!

Fall 2022

Summer 2022 programs

  • France and Belgium: International Business and Language electives. Learn about the European Union and the impact of the Euro common currency. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Eight weeks long; 12 credits.
  • France and Slovenia: International Business and Language electives. Spend three weeks in France and three weeks in Slovenia. Open to juniors and seniors. Six weeks long; 12 credits. 

Semester exchange programs

Before you go abroad on an LCB exchange program, you need to make sure that the courses you want to take will work toward your degree at UC. Find courses at the exchange program that has similar content to the courses you still need to take by using the Credit Approval Transfer Service (CATS). 

  • Go to Lindner Central, and log in with your 6+2. Choose “Student Services” then “Credit Approval Transfer Service (CATS)”.
  • LCB students will use CATS for one of two purposes:
    • Search for pre-approved courses in “Approved Study Abroad Courses”. If you find the course already approved, you can add it to your Academic Credit Approval Form. Courses must match your program of application.
    • OR Submit for course approval. Choose “Request a New Study Abroad Course” and fill in all required information, including a syllabus, for submission. You will be notified via e-mail if the submission is approved or rejected. Please allow 2 weeks for this approval process.