Weekly Virtual Information Sessions are held via Webex on Wednesdays during spring 2021 semester, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs

Fall 2021 virtual programs

Explore one of our virtual study abroad offerings, enhancing your cultural competence and sharpening your virtual skills toolbox, both critical capacities for professionals in today's business landscape.

  • The courses below will count towards your Foreign Language/Study Abroad/Cultural Course requirement. 
  • All 3000-5000 level virtual study abroad courses listed below will count towards fulfilling the significant international experience requirement for INTB majors graduating Spring 2021, Summer 2021 and Fall 2021.  
  • There is no travel associated with any of these courses for fall 2021.
overview of city of Santiago

Chile: INTB 5093 001 - Business & Culture in Chile with Professor Gema Bahns.

This international seminar is focused on the exploration of business opportunities and culture in Chile, South America giving an essential perspective of competencies needed to do business in this country, along with historical, political, economic, and cultural influences affecting the business environment. Students will learn first-hand through lectures, readings, team projects, virtual company tours, panel discussions with leading academic and professional experts, and online interactions with Chilean students. This seminar is coordinated with our partner, Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) in Santiago.

Overview of the city of Dubai

UAE and MENA: INTB 5093 002 - Business & Culture in the United Arab Emirates and MENA Region with Professor Charles Matthews.

This course provides a deeper understanding of business, cultural, social, economic, geographic region, historic, legal, and more issues and the potential impact on social and business relations in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the broader Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Through lectures, guest speakers, and video conference gain an understanding of the importance of international business and entrepreneurship in the UAE and MENA region. Considerable emphasis will be given to Arabic culture and the way business is conducted. 

Spring 2021 virtual programs

view of the city of Cape Town, South Africa from above

South Africa: INTB 3093 - Microbusiness Marketing Strategy with Professor Karen Manning. 

Prerequisites: MKTG2080, INTB3080, MKTG 3080 or MKTG3085

This course is designed for real-world application of marketing and design strategy in a deep and transformative way. Lindner and DAAP students team up as consultants to work directly with entrepreneurs in the former apartheid township of Khayelitsha, located in Cape Town, South Africa. Using WhatsApp throughout the semester, student teams explore how to build entrepreneurs brand/business, and help them envision future potential using select marketing, branding and design frameworks and processes.  Course deliverables and teams' recommendations help these micro-businesses grow and generate income that can pull families out of a deep cycle of poverty. In lieu of travel to Cape Town, we have designed a virtual experience for you throughout the semester.  From a trip to Table Mountain and Robben Island, to a safari and a Cincinnati brai (South African BBQ) we will create a virtual trip of a lifetime. 

The flag of the country of Colombia next to a street view of a city in Colombia

Colombia: INTB 3094 - Global Social Entrepreneurship with Dr. Sue Mantel. 

Prerequisites: MKTG2080, INTB3080

This course is intended to immerse the student in the culture, business climate, and issues of Colombia. Students will work in international teams (via Zoom) with students who are studying in an English speaking program at Javeriana University in Colombia.  These international student teams will create entrepreneurial solutions, using critical thinking to develop low cost, innovative product ideas that fulfill a societal need in our target area (Colombia and South America), without harming the environment. This seminar heavily simulates international project management, including international communication, cultural issues, planning and presentations. 

A view of a city in Spain from above with the Spanish flag waving.

Spain: INTB 5027 - Cross-Cultural Management with Professor Gema Bahns.

Prerequisites: MKTG 2080, INTB3080

Understanding the influence of culture on interpersonal interactions is a fundamental skill to be an effective manager in today's global maketplace. Students will engage in multicultural management dynamics through lectures, discussions with leading academic and professional experts, company presentations, and corporate virtual tours. Come find out what it takes to succeed in an increasingly globalized economy, discover Spanish culture, and gain critical global perspective. This program is coordinated with our university partner in Barcelona, Spain, and will meet virtually every week via WebEx. 

Summer 2021 programs

  • France and Belgium: International Business and Language electives. Learn about the European Union and the impact of the Euro common currency. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Eight weeks long; 12 credits.
  • France and Slovenia: International Business and Language electives. Spend three weeks in France and three weeks in Slovenia. Open to juniors and seniors. Six weeks long; 12 credits. *Summer 2021 program offered virtually. If you are interested in taking online international business courses through this program, please email Rebecca Meurer, rebecca.meurer@uc.edu, to get more information or learn of course options. Must apply by March 15, 2021. 

Semester exchange programs