Weekly Virtual Information Sessions are held via Webex on Wednesdays during spring 2021 semester, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Graduate Study Abroad Programs

Spring 2021 programs (virtual, no travel included)

Explore a virtual study abroad offering, enhancing your cultural competence and sharpening your virtual skills toolbox, both critical capacities for professionals in today's business landscape.

view of the city of Santiago, Chile

Chile: INTB 8003 - International Management Consulting with Dr. Thomas Dalziel.


This course offers students the opportunity to gain international consulting experience through a semester-long consulting engagement with a promising Chilean start-up, established business, or with an American firm that wants to venture to Chile.  Students will meet regularly with a client online to gather information, report analysis, share findings, receive feedback on progress, and present final recommendations and implementation plans. Students will receive expert coaching from faculty that have managed over 200 consulting engagements. Past clients come from a wide range of industries including artificial intelligence consulting, banking, transportation, software, medical device, food manufacturing, exporting, and more. Join us in spring 2021!

Summer programs

Open to students in the MS Applied Economics Program

  • Bergen, Norway: Natural Resource Management and Policy. Study Natural Resource Management and Policy in a two-week course at the NHH Norwegian School of Economics.

  • Paris, France: Microeconometric Policy Evaluation. Study Micoeconometric Policy Evaluation at the Paris School of Economics for one week.

  • Barcelona, Spain: Impacts of Health Outcomes and Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Evaluation. Learn about health outcomes and public policy evaluation for two weeks.