Student Testimonials

Below are testimonials from 2021-22 first-year Lindner Business Honors students explaining their decisions to attend UC, their Lindner Business Honors experience thus far and why prospective students should become Bearcats.

Keiana Slaughter

"When choosing where to attend college, I saw Cincinnati as a booming city with many brilliant minds and opportunities. Now, I'm in my first year studying finance and economics. On campus, I am involved in many of the great organizations that the University has to offer such as Business Fellows, Lindner Women in Business, and Lindner Business Honors.

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These organizations have provided me the opportunity to go on company visits, participate in professional development panels, and even attend a FC Cincinnati soccer game.

Lindner Business Honors has provided me the opportunity to explore my academic interests and design a plan that meets my schedule. With the help of my academic advisors, I am able to fill my schedule with challenging and interesting classes such as Portfolio Management and Forecasting and Risk Analysis.   

During my time here, I have found my home away from home and some of the most hardworking individuals I have ever met. I couldn't imagine my college experience being any different. I am honored to be a Bearcat, and I think you will be too."

Kayla Niklaus

"I am a first-year student in Lindner Business Honors planning to study marketing and operations management. When choosing where to attend college, UC was a no-brainer for me.

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I came into college knowing that my main goal was to have real-world experience for my career, and UC provided that. UC made it clear to me that they would help me succeed academically, but also equip me with the tools needed for professionalism. I have no doubt in my mind that UC was the right choice for me.

Being a Lindner Business Honors student at UC has surpassed all of my expectations. I have been pushed academically and professionally every single day, and I can already see my personal growth. Being a part of the honors program has given me the tight-knit community that I wanted out of UC. I am so grateful to work alongside a group of such passionate students and staff every single day."

Grayson Mentzel

"I'm a first-year Lindner Business Honors student majoring in marketing and finance with a minor in business Spanish. I chose UC primarily because of my experience with alumni and students from the Lindner Honors-PLUS program.

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My time in Lindner Business Honors has been amazing. We've not only had a full schedule of business-focused classes from the very first week of school, but we've also experienced the business world outside of the classroom.

Some of these opportunities include a tour of the new TQL Stadium, where FC Cincinnati plays. We also met with industry leaders of diversity and inclusion at Fifth Third Bank, and spoke with notable professionals in the start-up and venture capital scene. We also had the chance to tour UC's 1819 Innovation Hub and learn about entrepreneurship and consulting opportunities.

During my time here, I have made some of the best memories of my life. I couldn't imagine my college experience being any different. I am honored to be a Bearcat, and I think you will be too."

Christopher Swedes

"I am a first-year student in Lindner Business Honors planning to study accounting. In spring 2021, I made the decision to became the first in my family to attend the University of Cincinnati. I have lived here all my life and have grown fond of its thriving economy, diverse population, and most of all, its good-hearted community. Much like Cincinnati itself, UC specifically has the atmosphere of a 'big university that feels small.' To me, it is no longer a campus, or even a place; it is rather a community of peers, professors, and advisors, and they are what give it value.

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Coming to college, I was extremely anxious about meeting new friends, establishing my identity and getting involved. After experiencing Lindner Business Honors for several months now, I can gladly say that I have met some of my best friends through the smaller classes, similar schedules, collaborative projects and, most recently, a weekend getaway for all first-year Lindner Business Honors students.

In addition to the community, Lindner Business Honors has provided me the opportunity to chart my own path. On the weekends, I work at Maverick Chocolate — a craft chocolate shop downtown in the heart of Findlay Market. Being a small business, it provides a model environment foor business principles that I learn about in my classes.

In short, Lindner Business Honors is a strong program within a strong business school within a strong university. It is a name that speaks for itself and has provided me with a community that I am so grateful to belong in. I hope you take the next step to join me in all that Lindner Business Honors has to offer!"

Keya Nandi

"A big part of why I chose UC was the curriculum and opportunities available on campus. With the flexibility of being able to explore my various interests academically and personally, I knew that UC would be the right fit for me. Ever since being here, I have been a part of a network of dedicated faculty, staff and peers who have constantly encouraged me and worked with me to help me achieve my goals.

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Being an international student, I was nervous about not being able to find a place for myself here. However, with UC and Lindner's dedication towards promoting diversity, and with the amazing Lindner Business Honors community alongside me, I have never felt more confident.

Being a part of great clubs like Lindner Women in Business, Student Government Mentorship Program, and South Asian American Student Association have not only given me a chance to continue pursuing my interests, but they have also provided a great way for me to go beyond my comfort zone and learn new things.

Despite only being in my first year (majoring in business economics and business analytics), the Lindner Business Honors program has provided me with an ocean of opportunities. From small class sizes to personal networking opportunities with prospective employers and alumni, this close-knit community has become my home away from home. It has been every bit of what I imagined my college experience to be and more. I cannot wait to explore everything else that Lindner Business Honors has to offer!"

Nicole Patricio-Agosto

"I am a first-year student working towards a double major in accounting and insurance and risk management, as well as a business Spanish certificate. Being half Latina and half Asian, and coming from a small town, the diversity present on campus and of the student body really drew me to UC, as well as the close proximity to downtown.

A woman in a white shirt and black jacket smiles.

Campus is always buzzing with people and booths set up with information and free swag. From hammocking to skateboarding, there is so much to do in our little corner of Cincinnati.

As a Lindner Business Honors student, many doors have been opened for me. The program has given me an amazing group of friends and helped me establish great relationships with my professors, making the learning experience much more personal. I always see familiar faces on campus, from getting something to eat, to walking around, or even in classes outside of Lindner. I feel as if I am in a place where everyone around me is rooting for my success and providing resources for me. 

Being a Lindner Business Honors student, I have already had great experiences, such as meeting with companies, participating in fun, informal gatherings and participating in leadership development at Camp Joy. Overall, I can confidently say that this is one of the best decisions I have made in my life."

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