Student Spotlight

Photo of LHP student Elizabeth Dinevski

Elizabeth Dinevski
Bachelor of Science, Business Analytics
Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance
Class of 2018

Looking back, I would like to thank 17-year old me for choosing to go to the University of Cincinnati and for working hard to get into the Lindner Honors-PLUS program. My academic involvement and professional experiences have truly shaped me to be the best version of myself.

Like many other first-year students, I started off as International Business and Finance, thinking it would be a great blend of technical capabilities with my love of other cultures. After diving into some of my classes and talking with the LHP office, I realized I wanted to pursue a more quantitative path with business. I decided to drop my International Business major and picked up minors in Business Analytics and Mathematics. My favorite and most challenging classes were those in math and analytics, but they were also the most rewarding. I really enjoyed blending my love for big data, analytical thinking, and business.

In terms of student experience, I decided to join Kappa Alpha Theta, Lindner Ambassadors, and Student Government as a way to meet other students as well as give back to UC. Throughout my five years, I served in various positions in these organizations, from scholarship committees to Vice President of Membership. It was such an honor to be a part of organizations that have impacted UC for over one hundred years. While I enjoyed contributing to student life at UC, I knew I wanted to get more involved in my community. I missed playing sports in high school and had a desire to mentor others, which is why I decided to pursue coaching. I absolutely loved coaching because it reconnected me with the community I grew up in and I was able to empower young women to meet their full potential beyond just sports.

After my sophomore year, I was approached by Professor Burrell and was asked to be a teaching assistant for his undergraduate Business Law class, along with his MBA level Corporate Social Responsibility class. I ended up staying in that position for 8 semesters and loved being part of my fellow students’ learning. Spring semester of my senior year, I was offered a position as a teaching assistant for Decision Models with Dr. Sox, where I was able to enhance my analytics skills while helping other develop theirs.

At UC, academics is only half of the education; the other half is professional experience. My first three co-ops were with Fifth Third Bank in roles where I was able to experience various sides of banking. I learned about how banks work and various career paths in the financial industry. Afterwards, I spent my remaining co-ops with the City of Cincinnati in the Office of Performance and Data Analytics. In this role, I worked in a small, start-up like office where I aided with performance management of the various departments, open data initiatives, and lean process improvement events. I absolutely loved my time with the City of Cincinnati. I was given substantial responsibility and was able to make a difference in my community. Due to my love for government, I decided to apply to an LHP-sponsored fellowship with the Center of the Study of the Presidency and Congress. Through this fellowship, I conducted research for the think tank on the opioid epidemic.

During undergrad, I planned on going straight into a graduate school for Business Analytics because I knew it would open up opportunities for me in data science. Before my senior year, I applied to an internship with IBM, but was instead interviewed for a full-time position. I received and accepted an offer with IBM in their Consulting by Degrees program in Chicago before the school year began – something I definitely was not planning!

While I do not know what lies ahead of me as I move to Chicago, I feel fully prepared knowing that I will always have the LHP support system.