Student Spotlight

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Caroline Shapiro

Photo of KBS student Caroline Shapiro interacting with monkeys in Asia

Summer in Asia

During the first ever info session that I attended for the Kolodzik Business Scholars program, I remember the director at the time, Marianne Lewis, looking into the group of wide-eyed students and saying, “If there is anywhere in the world that you want to go, we will work to get you there.” It was in that moment that I truly understood the emphasis that KBS puts on international experiences, and the work that they put in to ensure that every student has the opportunity to embrace their passion.

Thanks to the support and flexibility of KBS, I was able to spend this past summer studying abroad in Hong Kong and exploring other parts of Asia during my time off. It was through my connections within the Honors Business Department that I found this opportunity, and it was the support and encouragement that I received from the program that made it possible.

During my summer in Asia, I experienced cultural diversity in education, in everyday interactions, and in the workplace. I feel so thankful for KBS for helping me through my quest to gain cultural competence!

Jamie Sohngen

Photo of KBS student Jamie Sohngen

Co-op at Sherwin Williams

My first co-op was with The Sherwin Williams Company. As a part of their Mexico Financial Shared Services Department, I found myself on a team where I was the only employee without Latino-heritage and where 90% of my work was completed in Spanish. We were responsible for balancing accounts payables files for all of Sherwin William’s Latin American countries, as well as all of the major financial services for the company and its employees based in Mexico. It was a busy and challenging job, but the experience of working on a driven and diverse team was something I would never forget.

Since working at Sherwin Williams, I have made diversity and increasing cross-cultural understanding priorities in my professional, academic, and social life. By adding minors in foreign languages, studying abroad for 10 months, working for a global NGO in Shanghai, China, and helping to launch the Chinese-American Buisness Organization (CABO) at the University of Cincinnati in the spring of 2017, I have been able to incorporate my passions into my college career.