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The Kolodzik Business Scholars program supports and develops the passions of a diverse set of students in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. The program is designed for students to better themselves through empowerment, flexible academics, and professional experiences. Along with the support from donors, staff, professionals and alumni, the program takes pride in student-led initiatives driven from the governing student body organization, KBSA. The flexibility of the program enables students to pick and choose their extra-curricular involvement, professional experiences, honors courses, international travel and much more to achieve their personal goals.  KBS students are key contributors and leaders in student government on campus and across the globe. 


The Kolodzik Business Scholars Program stresses the following interwoven values within a culture that permeates our students, faculty and staff.  It is nurtured through peer and alumni mentoring, challenging curriculum and global experiences.  Dedicated advising and Career Service Coaching compliment this to allow students to succeed.

International and global

KBS students are empowered to study abroad and immerse themselves in global cultures. KBS has a one-week freshman program to Montreal with a cultural competency focus to jump start and prepare students for a global business environment. Many pursue additional study abroad opportunities to further their international business experience through full semesters or short term courses.  

Multidisciplinary academics

KBS students typically weave a unique program that includes double- or even triple-majoring and minors both in the Lindner College of Business and across the UC campus. Students can create their own paths that help fuel their passions.  

Lindner Professional Co-Op Experience

KBS students are required to have professional experiences. This can include multiple co-ops, internships, or part-time positions. Mentoring, leadership, and many other networking and academic opportunities in the college are strongly encouraged.  Interviewing skills, case competitions, and presentation skills are mentored and developed.  KBS students are often top recruiting requests by company partners of Lindner. 

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Student testimonials

"I give the Kolodzik Business Scholars Program credit for the young professional I am today. At the end of my first semester, I had refined my resume, conducted mock interviews, attended networking and professional speaker events, created an effective LinkedIn profile, and even attended a career fair. KBS has given me the confidence and abilities to stand out in an extremely competitive professional world. Being a Kolodzik Business Scholar means you are a campus leader, unique individual, and dedicated student. KBS scholars utilize the opportunities of the program to further themselves, the program, and the university."
-Trenton Pfister

“My favorite part about KBS is the flexibility that it offers. When I was coming in as a freshman, I didn't even know what "flexibility" in regards to an Honors program meant. KBS has, however, shown me that it means making the most of your college experience while keeping in mind your passions and goals. This flexibility has not only allowed me to major in Information Systems in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business, but also major in International Affairs through McMicken Arts & Sciences. Because of KBS, I can able to create my own college experience while still having the support from all the amazing faculty and staff behind this program.”
-Megan Mitchell

“The Kolodzik Business Scholars Program has been the most important aspect of my personal and professional development in my time at UC.  By taking advantage of unique opportunities that KBS provides such as honors classes, resume workshops and study abroad classes and trips I have been able to grow as a student and as a person into who I am today.  My favorite memory of being a part of this great program was the Paris and Brussels study abroad.  It was awesome to step out of my own comfort zone by doing something like that and being able to grow closer to other students and even administrators of the KBS Program.”
-Robbie Noonan

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