The Lindner Business Honors Experience

Lindner Business Honors (LBH) encapsulates an entire collegiate experience that is comprised of academics, relationship building opportunities, leadership development, real-world experience, keeping or starting old and new traditions, and so much more.

Read on about the aspects of the Lindner Business Honors experience.

Business Problem Solving

Dedicated Infrastructure of Honors Faculty & Staff

A student in a red sweater interacts with an instructor in a classroom setting

Jennifer Barlow, right, from the Center for Professional Selling assists a student during St. Vincent de Paul's simulation.

  • Honors faculty teaching honors sections of courses and community mentors that can be guest speakers, and help when students need additional guidance.
  • Honors sections of key courses that embrace the theme of business problem solving, such as a simulation facilitated by St. Vincent de Paul in ECON 1001.
  • External lunch and learn events that introduce students to working professionals in a given field, such as business analytics.
  • Dedicated career coach to help you find a successful co-op and academic advisors to make sure your degree requirements are being fulfilled for graduation.
  • Foundational and specialty courses, such as:
    • Business Pathways
    • Career Success Strategy
    • Bennis Leadership Accelerator
      • Launching in Fall 2022, the Bennis Leadership Accelerator is an innovative and interdisciplinary honors seminar taught by Lindner Dean Marianne Lewis and Associate Professor of Psychology Donna Chrobot-Mason, who serves as the Thornburgh Academic Director of the Warren Bennis Leadership Initiative.
        A renowned leadership expert, Dean Lewis developed this course with a vision of providing a personalized and fast-track approach to leadership development. This course engages second-year Lindner Business Honors students and other honors students across UC with material that cultivates appreciation of diversity and builds self-awareness and the capacity to understand and adapt.
woman with pink and white blouse and blond curly hair smiles for a headshot with a yellow back of a chair in background

“At their best, leaders are inclusive, principle-driven, and innovative. To catalyze transformational change, they empower collective problem solving that makes a positive impact on their teams, organizations and our world. I believe UC students are the leaders of tomorrow. And tomorrow’s leaders must develop the knowledge and skills to foster an inclusive work environment based on core values to fully leverage potential, ignite innovation, and achieve success.”

— Marianne W. Lewis, PhD

Experience-Based Learning

Specialized Academic & Experience Learning

  • Three required co-op experiences.
  • Built-in study abroad opportunities, such as the first-year study abroad experience to Puerto Rico.
  • Flexibility to pursue other study abroad opportunities. For example, 11 students studied abroad in spring 2022 in the United Arab Emirates, Toulouse, France, Linz, Austria and Santiago, Chile.


Personalized Honors Communities

thirteen students sit in rows in a classroom with two individuals speaking at the front of the classrom

First-year Lindner Business Honors prepare to do a low ropes course at Camp Joy, fall 2021.

  • Living and learning community in Morgens Hall.
  • Leadership opportunities with the Lindner Business Honors Student Board.
  • Community building through:
    • LBH Leadership Experience at Camp Joy.
    • Racial Reckoning Workshop hosted by Undivided and dedicated member of the Lindner executive cabinet Howard Elliott.
    • Question. Persuade. Refer. Suicide Prevention Training through Grant Us Hope.
    • Business Etiquette Dinner.
  • Participate in one of two social houses:
    • Lindner Honors-PLUS.
    • Kolodzik Business Scholars.


Foundation for Exploration

The table below represents a snapshot of the curricular experience typical of the first and second years in Lindner Business Honors.

While this approach is strongly recommended as a best practice, it is not required if a student wishes to pursue other courses. An asterisk (*) designates a required course regardless of variation in schedule.

Sample first- and second-year schedule of a Lindner Business Honors student.
Year 1 Fall Year 1 Spring Year 2 Fall
Intro to Marketing Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting
Essentials of Business I* Essentials of Business II* Intro to Operations Management
Pathways of Business* Business Analytics I Business Analytics II
Career Success Strategies* Digital Technology for Business Bennis Leadership Accelerator
  Cultural Competencies (Study Abroad)  


Vibrant and Inclusive Community

a man, a woman, and two more men in business professional attire wearing dark colors and red at an event reception with glass windows in the background

Lindner Business Honors students at the 2022 Cincinnati Business Achievement Awards. From left: Xander Wells, BBA ’24, Anne Hugenberg, BBA ’23, Trey Waltz, BBA ’23, and Ganesh Ravela, BBA ’22.

  • Access to corporations and alumni for networking and mentorship.
  • Dinner at Great American Insurance Group offices with the Lindner family.
  • Opportunity to attend the college’s annual Cincinnati Business Achievement Awards.
  • Make connections with organizations through Project Strategy, such as Cintas, EY, Fifth Third, Abre, Healing Center, Amify, LOTH, Inc., Melink.
  • Alumni Board created to support current Lindner Business Honors students, alumni, and faculty and staff that also support the Honors students. This group bridges current Honors program with 1,200+ alumni from Lindner Business Honors.  

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