Student Spotlight

Erin Brockman

Erin Brockman headshot

Erin is a first year student majoring in operations management. She will be working for Delta Air Lines this summer in operations support and project management.

Erin is involved in multiple organizations on campus including Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and Morgens Hall government, where she serves as a floor president. She is involved with Dance to Enhance, which performs dance routines throughout the Cincinnati community for those who don’t get the chance to experience the arts. She wants to be successful in her career and love going to work every day. Erin hasn't decided on a specific industry, but wants to work for a company where she can make a difference.

"I believe your impact is formed each day and that your legacy is in the making right now," Erin says. "I try to leave a positive impact by connecting with as many people as possible and trying to make at least one person smile each day. I volunteer through dance at nursing homes, community centers, and the Ronald McDonald House. I also raise money for CASA through my sorority to help those who feel unloved and abused in their own homes."

Garrett Dexter, Khizer Nadeem, Bryan Felix, and Jack Zoellner 

These four Circle of Excellence students were named student marshals for the fall commencement ceremony. Garrett Dexter, Khizer Nadeem, Bryan Felix, and Jack Zoellner were chosen to lead their class into commencement and set the tone for the entire event. These students were selected based on superior academic performance and serving as excellent representatives of the Lindner College of Business.

Matthew Laskey and Rohan D'Souze on a tennis court with other members of the UC club tennis team

Rohan D’Souze and Matthew Laskey

Circle of Excellence students Matthew Laskey and Rohan D’Souze are members of the UC club tennis team, which won its recent tournament with the help of our students!

Malia Heck

Photo of Malia Heck wearing a UC "C-Paw" t-shirt

Malia Heck is a first year CoE scholar majoring in marketing. Her career goals include becoming a marketing manager, and possibly an entrepreneur. In her free time, she can be found doing homework, studying, or running.

Malia is currently a pledge for Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, a member of Lindner Women in Business, and volunteers as a catechist on weekends. She is also a student ambassador for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a national organization that raises money for pediatric cancer research, a cause very near and dear to her heart. On top of this, Malia recently became the freshman chair of the CoE marketing committee.

"I live by the motto 'train insane or remain the same,'" Malia says, "because it motivates me to work extremely hard to seek improvement and growth, whether that be in my studies or while I’m on a run."

Andrew Niese

Andrew Niese headshot

Andrew Niese is in his first year and studying both business economics and business analytics. He's hoping to obtain a co-op position with the UC Foundation next year, and his ultimate career goals are to become a lobbyist, and then a politician later in life.

Andrew gets involved at UC by participating in iCats, the Lindner Student Association, Circle of Excellence's public relations board, the Economics Society, by serving as Morgens Hall treasurer, and seeking out various events around campus.

Andrew makes an impact by encouraging others to become more involved. He believes that the more people get involved, the better the world will be. He lives by the mottos "Work hard now so I don’t have to later" and "I can sleep when I’m dead."

Nonso Okonji headshot

Nonso Okonji

On November 3 and 4, 2018, Cincinnati Bell hosted an innovation sprint for a smartphone app design at the 1819 Innovation Hub. Nonso was part of a team of five that won the first place and "audience favorite" awards. They won a collective $3,000 after a completing their pitch to the executives of Cincinnati Bell. Congratulations, Nonso!

Sarah Rea

Sarah Rea headshot

Sarah Rea is a second-year student majoring in business economics with minors in business analytics and psychology. She currently interns at Fischer Homes, where she does residential estimation. In the spring, she'll enter a co-op position at GE Aviation in corporate finance. Her career goal is to work in public policy and provide consulting to government agencies or corporations.

Sarah is involved in several organizations. She is the Circle of Excellence public relations chair, and a member of UC Bearcat Bands where she plays the mellophone! She is also a member of the Economics Society and a lead tutor for Bearcat Buddies, tutoring elementary school students every week in language arts.

She makes an impact by going out of her way to help others and to give back to those who have helped her! Sarah loves giving advice and making strong friendships and networks.

"Don’t be afraid or feel awkward to ask someone you’re inspired by to chat or grab a cup of coffee," Sarah says. "It’s helpful to hear about experiences others have had, and most people will be entirely willing to share a word of advice!"

Austin Seiter

Photo of Austin Seiter standing in front of a brick wall

Austin is a fourth-year business analytics and information systems double-major. His career goal is to work as a management consultant. He actively stays involved on campus by engaging with organizations that he believes will make an impact on his career and personal interests. In his free time, he enjoys backpacking, photography, and ultimate frisbee.

He believes in taking risks and embracing embarrassment, saying "you aren’t yourself until you're outside your comfort zone.” He makes an impact by mentoring others academically, professionally, and personally. He holds himself high standards and hopes to be a role model for others.

Austin's advice? "I highly recommend following the PACE model when it comes to your involvement," he says. "Get involved in something that improves your Professionalism, Academics, Character, and Engagement. This model has made me well-balanced through my collegiate career."

Emily Sesterhenn

Emily Sesterhenn in equestrian clothing holding a mug and blue ribbon

Emily Sesterhenn is a second year CoE Scholar. She is a finance and marketing double-major and her ultimate career goal is to graduate from law school. Emily stays actively involved on campus as a member of both the Club Sports Board and the University Funding Board.

On top of this, Emily is the president of the UC Equestrian Team. She makes a powerful impact on other UC scholars by consistently fulfilling the demands of this strong leadership role. In her free time, Emily enjoys paddle-boarding, spending time with her friends, and going hiking.

Words of advice from Emily: "It's never too late to get involved in something!"

Serin Waddell

Serin Waddell headshot

Serin Waddell is a third-year international business and marketing double-major with a minor in professional sales. In spring of 2019 she'll be a marketing co-op at Bayer Becker, where she's looking forward to fine-tuning her skills and learning how she can positively impact the company.

Serin is very open to different career possibilities, but her goal is to have a job lined up for after graduation, possibly in pharmaceuticals. She's discovered an interest in the healthcare industry, and would be eager to work for a company whose mission is to help people improve their quality of life. She would enjoy work in a marketing or sales department.  

Serin stays involved on campus as a member of the UC Varsity Sales Team. Previously she's served as the director of marketing for the professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, the director of membership for the UC Fashion Association (UCFA), as well as CoE's vice chair of social media. 

Serin currently makes an impact by helping guide and shape the next CoE class as one of their PACE leaders. She considers herself "lucky to be able to help students adjust to college and to the challenging curriculum, and to grow as young professionals."

Last fall Serin competed in her first national sales competition and helped the UC Varsity Sales Team achieve their best-ever scores in this particular contest, placing seventh out of 22 competing schools and beating four nationally-ranked sales programs.

Words Serin lives by: "Keep your head, heels, and standards high" (Coco Chanel) and "As a woman in business, you can be fiercely intelligent and fabulous" (Serin Waddell).