Program Details

Circle of Excellence program distinctions

  • Access to honors sections of courses
  • Priority registration
  • Eligibility for special study abroad grants
  • A dedicated academic advisor
  • Specialized Lindner Career Services coaching and events for high achievers
  • A distinction valued by potential employers
  • Access to honors housing
  • Domestic travel experiences
  • Opportunity to earn Impact Points to receive awards and eligibility for exclusive CoE scholarships
  • First year experience, with fast track honors courses taught by the CoE Director and including the opportunity to partner with and study some of the world’s leading firms based in Cincinnati

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to remain in the Circle of Excellence?
Circle of Excellence students must maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA, earn a minimum of 30 CoE Impact Points every year, complete a LinkedIn profile with CoE designation, attend at least two CoE program-specific events per academic year, and uphold all aspects of PACE and University policy.

What co-op and internship opportunities are available for Circle of Excellence students?
All co-op and internship opportunities for honors and non-honors students are the same. All Lindner students have access to the Lindner Career Services, a department dedicated to the professional advancement of Lindner students. Business honors students will have access to special professional development and networking events.

Can Circle of Excellence students also join Lindner Honors-PLUS or Kolodzik Business Scholars?
No, students may be selected into only one of the following: LHP, KBS, or Circle of Excellence.

How selective is Circle of Excellence?
This is a highly selective distinction, seeking up to 72 freshman and sophomores each year from the top performing applicants to the Lindner College of Business.

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