CoE Impact

Group photo of Circle of Excellence members in front of a vintage Delta Air Lines plane

The rewards program for Circle of Excellence. To report your Impact Points, please log in to Blackboard.

To encourage Circle of Excellence scholars to engage in a curriculum that maximizes their ability to make an impact, the Circle of Excellence Impact Rewards program was developed. Throughout the academic year, CoE scholars can earn impact points based upon a variety of activities for the opportunity to earn rewards, including scholarships. Earning and reporting impact points is strictly voluntary, but in academic year 2017-18, nearly 30 CoE scholars received Impact Scholarships through the program.

For academic year 2018-19, students can earn and report impact points for activities that occur between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019. Freshmen can report points for activities that occur between the start of the academic year and March 31. Points must be submitted for verification within 30 days of completing the activity.

CoE Impact Point opportunities

  • Volunteerism with a nonprofit organization (1 point per hour; max of 70 points; 10 bonus points for being in SCNO)
  • Completion of a study abroad trip (25 points; 15 bonus points if service is a part of the program)
  • Completion of a Lindner Professional Experience, such as an internship or co-op (50 points for part-time; 100 points for full-time)
  • Completion of a student research project and participation in the UC Undergraduate Research Conference (25 points)
  • Run for a student government position (15 points for running; 20 bonus points for winning)
  • Completion of LCB Social Entrepreneurship course with a grade of B or higher (10 points)
  • Completion of an honors section at Lindner with a grade of B or higher (10 points)
  • Compete in the IQ E-Pitch competition (10 points; 25 bonus points if top 3)
  • Service as a member of the CoE board of directors (10 points)
  • Filling a PACE Leader position (5 points per semester)
  • Service as a Lindner Ambassador (15 points)
  • Participation in an LCB-sanctioned student organization (5 points per organization)
  • Completion of a leadership training program, such as Leader Shape (10 points)
  • Completion of diversity/inclusion training such as Safe Zone (10 points)
  • Service as a student leader within an official UC student organization (5 points)
  • Participation as a Bearcat Buddy, iCats, BearChats or iPals (5 points each)
  • Participation in UC Inclusive Excellence Workshops (5 points per workshop; max of 15 points)
  • Attendance at the fall and/or spring career fair (5 points per fair)
  • Attendance at the annual Dress to Impress event, Lindner Women in Business Conference, and/or the Business Fellows Inclusion Experience (5 points per event)
  • Attendance at a CoE event (5 points per event; 30 points max)
  • Attend CoE drop-in Academic Advising Hours (1 point per hour; max of 5 points)
  • Create your own impact experience (5-20 points)

Impact Point levels

Red Level, 50-124 points

In order to achieve the Red Level, you must earn at least 50 points from the impact program. Once achieved you will earn eligibility to apply for a CoE executive position.

Black Level, 125-149 points

In order to achieve black level, you must earn 125 impact points. Once you hit 125 points, you earn a CoE sport bottle and the opportunity to apply for a $500 scholarship, as well as the perks of Red Level.

C-Paw Level, 150-199 points

Once you obtain 150 impact points, you reach C-Paw Level. At C-Pawl Level, you earn a CoE hat and the opportunity to apply for a $1,000 scholarship, as well as the perks from Black Level.

Bearcat Level, 200+ points

If you earn 200 impact points or more, you achieve Bearcat Level. With the Bearcat Level designation, you will receive a CoE hoodie and the opportunity to apply for a $2,500 scholarship, as well as all perks from the C-Paw Level.

To report your Impact Points, please log in to Blackboard.