Lindner Women in Business

Four Lindner Women in Business students on UC's campus with move-in day taking place in the background


Prepare emerging leaders for future endeavors by providing allies, perspective, and resources.


Create equal opportunity by empowering each member of our community to achieve success, while uplifting those around them.

Core Values

Be confident to take initiative and amplify your voice in the workplace.
Be inspired to hear and learn from others' unique backgrounds.
Be empowered to build a personal brand that reflects your values.

Crowd shot of attendees listening to a presenter at Empowerment Day

Empowerment Day

Our annual student-led Empowerment Day conference enriches and inspires collegiate women pursuing careers in business while providing them with an exclusive opportunity to network with successful business leaders.


Our female students connect with the business community in a big way. Because of our strong network of alumni and recruiters at Fortune 500 companies and emerging startups, students experience the business world up close. Corporate speakers, company visits with CEOs and weekly coffee shop meetings with business leaders are the norm. The organization connects students with top women leaders at world-leading companies such as Procter & Gamble, Deloitte, PNC and KPMG.

Member Spotlight

Photo of Emily McDonough

"I had the invaluable opportunity to serve as the president of Lindner Women in Business during the 2018-2019 school year. In this role, I collaborated with a talented team to grow the organization from 30 to 150 members by implementing several key initiatives that will set the foundation for future programming. Throughout the year, I never felt like I was working because I was simply living out my passion of elevating women in the community.

"Outside of my UC extracurriculars, I am the growth hacker intern at The Garage Group, a lean innovation and growth strategy firm in Cincinnati. We enable BigCos to operate like startups, and as a growth hacker, I foster the community of entrepreneurial leaders who impact their large organizations to move faster and smarter by hosting events, planning for conferences, and initiating conversations with potential clients.

"Lindner Women in Business is the catalyst that transformed me from a meek girl to a confident woman. Throughout my time in the organization, I have been given countless opportunities to empower other women, step outside of my comfort zone, and grow in unimaginable ways. I feel completely ready to jumpstart my career post-graduation, due to the transformative stories and lessons I experienced in Lindner Women in Business."

- Emily McDonough

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Nick Castro

Director, Lindner Diversity and Inclusion


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Karen Manning

Assistant Professor, Annual Adjunct