Helping to mold the next generation of global citizens

iCats is a social and academic organization that aims to foster cultural understanding between international and domestic students to ensure they are better prepared to enter the global workforce. Through strategic interaction in an inclusive and supportive environment, iCats brings together students from around the world and helps develop them into globally conscious people.

iCats members develop cultural competency in:

  • Societal norms and structures
  • International cuisine
  • Business practices
  • Political and economic climates
  • Useful language phrases
  • Arts and recreation
  • Geography

Graduates of the iCats program are better equipped to thrive in a global setting and are often hired by multinational companies.

Ultimately, programs like iCats will help the United States develop students who can lead the world from a global stage and improve the world’s cross-cultural communication. iCats wants to help do its part to usher in a new era of global consciousness and mutual advancement.

First-Year Cultural Development Program (FYCDP)

Recently awarded a Higher Education Grant by Procter & Gamble, this newer program, offered through iCats, aims to enrich its members’ cultural understanding through a series of dynamic and interactive workshops. Led by a team of Lindner College of Business faculty and international students, these bi-weekly workshops will expose first-year students to religion, food, customs and business practices from around the world.

Following the workshop, students will attend a cultural event where they will apply the knowledge they learned. At the completion of their first-year, students will be awarded a graduation certificate signifying a strong understanding of culture and readiness to enter the global workforce.

iCats eventually hopes to grow the program so that all students at the University of Cincinnati can gain the necessary cultural skills to be successful on the global stage.

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To learn more about iCats, please contact:

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Lee Armstrong

Associate Director of International Programs, International Programs Liaison


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Nick Castro

Director, Lindner Diversity and Inclusion