Finance PhD Class Profile


The PhD program enrolls about 2 new students each year.  As you might guess, such selective process means that these candidates possess outstanding academic credentials and make a full-time commitment to the Program.

Students come to the University of Cincinnati with a wide variety of academic and work experiences.  The common thread is that each has a strong commitment to research and teaching and has demonstrated analytical abilities. 

Below we have compiled some descriptive information about recently admitted finance PhD candidates.


PhD in Finance 2004-2010 admissions:

Academic and Professional Background
Average GMAT score 714
GMAT score 80th percentile range* 690-760
Average GRE score 1360
GRE score 80th percentile range* n/a
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.51
Average full-time work experience 2.9 years
Work experience 80th percentile range* 0-10 years
Hold at least one masters degree 85%

*The middle 80% of the class


Diversity Snapshot
Average Age (when admitted) 28
Age range (when admitted) 22-40
Women 42%
AHANA** 8%
International 77%
Countries represented China India
Ethiopia Romania
France US

**African American, Hispanic, Asian, Native-American