The University of Cincinnati MBA program is a rigorous, yet customizable experience! The curriculum consists of 36-48 semester hours

  Course No. Course Title

Business Foundations

10 credits*

ACCT 7000 Foundations in Accounting 2
FIN 7000 Foundations in Finance 1
ECON 7000 Foundations in Economics 2
BANA 7011 Data Analysis 2
MGMT 7000 Organizations 2
MKTG 7000 Marketing Foundations 1
* These courses may be waived based on an individual's academic background. Please contact the Graduate Programs office for details


26 credits

ACCT 7012 Accounting for Managerial Decisions 3
BANA 7012 Decision Models 2
ECON 7020 Managerial Economics 2
FIN 7014 Financial Management 3
IS 7011 Information and Technology Management 2
OM 7011 Management of Operations 2
MGMT 7014 Leadership in Organizations 2
MGMT 7012 Strategic Management 2
MKTG 7011 Marketing for Managers 2
BA 7010 Corporate Legal and Social Responsibility 2
  Global Elective (Study Abroad Required for FT MBA)
  Capstone 2
BA 7077 Career Management 0
BA 7078   0


12 credits

Students may select a variety of individual courses from the plethora of electives available or group their elective choices and earn a Lindner Graduate Certificate. A list of the available Lindner Graduate Certificates is provided below.
  Corporate Finance  
  Investment Management  
  Real Estate  
  Market Research  
  Professional Selling  
  Retail Management  
  Operations Excellence  
  Corporate Taxation  
  Individual Taxation  
  Data Analytics  
  Data Sciences  
  International Business  
  Leadership & Management  
  Health Care Administration  
  Health Care Finance  
  Health Care Operations  
  Health Care Policy and Regulation