During the 2015-16 academic year, 100% of domestic MS-IS students and just under 70% of international MS-IS students accepted full-time positions before graduation. Ninety-nine percent of international MS-IS students accepted full-time positions within three months of graduation. These graduates earned an average starting salary of $71,500.

MS Information Systems placement map

Our graduates launched their careers at leading companies in Cincinnati and around the country.

Atlanta, Georgia


Boston, Massachusetts

Syrinx Consulting
Vantage Point Business Solutions

Carlsbad, California

3 | SHARE Corporation

Chicago, Illinois

Echelon Solutions
Motorola Mobility

Cincinnati, Ohio

Great American
Procter & Gamble
Western & Southern

Cleveland, Ohio


Columbus, Ohio

Abercrombie & Fitch

Columbia, Maryland

Movilitas Consulting

Dallas, Texas

Regents Consulting Group, LLC

Detroit, Michigan


Houston, Texas

Sierra Infosys Inc.

Indianapolis, Indiana

GyanSys Inc.

Nashville, Tennessee

Cummins, Inc.

New York City

Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan Chase

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

SAP America, Inc.

McLean, Virginia

Capital One

Miami Shores, Florida

Bizbrain Technologies

Salt Lake City, Utah


San Diego, California


San Francisco, California

EIS Group, Marketo

Nishikant Singh

Nishikant Singh

MS Information Systems 2012
Undergraduate: Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science, University of Mumbai
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Employer: Anthem, Inc
Job Title: Senior System Analyst
Favorite Quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
- Peter Drucker

Nishikant credits the advanced technology skills and experience he acquired in the University of Cincinnati’s Masters of Science in Information Systems program as being responsible for his rapid promotion to Senior System Analyst. In addition to graduating with advanced business and technology skills including systems analysis, database and business modeling, he says the required internship gave him industry and business experience that many other programs cannot offer. In fact his co-op employer offered him a full-time position at the conclusion of his internship.

He wanted to pursue an advanced degree that involved technology and business and chose to come to the University of Cincinnati for several reasons: The Lindner College of Business offered not only a technical education but a business education as well; the curriculum was flexible with options to specialize in different areas of business technology; the expertise and industry experience of the faculty gave him in depth practical knowledge; and the coop program allowed him to gain practical industry experience before he graduated giving him a competitive advantage in the job market.

He feels the whole curriculum is excellent but when pressed he identified Professor Umanath and his Database Modeling and Design class as “legendary” and his favorite. He learned details beyond what was currently being used in industry and this gave him a mastery and comfort level of the material in practice.

“The MSIS program at the University of Cincinnati lets you choose to advance your current fields of knowledge and expertise, as well as learn and become a subject matter expert in emerging areas of business and IT. The techno-managerial curriculum will match profiles for every kind of student with their own specific career aspirations.”