The University of Cincinnati’s Master of Science in Finance program is a blend of theoretical and applied knowledge, enabling you to grasp theory and develop the skills to apply financial concepts in real-world situations. The program provides you with a strong foundation in all areas of finance while allowing you the flexibility to customize the program to meet your career objectives. Our program is nationally ranked and financially competitive. Our finance faculty consist of both world class research faculty and financial industry practitioners


The Master of Science in Finance consists of 30 credit hours (26-27 core and focus area credits and 3 to 4 elective credits) beyond the Basic Business Knowledge (BBK) requirements.

  Course No. Course Title Credits

Basic Business Knowledge (BBK) Requirements

10 credits

ACCT 7000 Foundations in Accounting 2
ECON 7000 Foundations in Economics 2
MKTG 7000 Marketing Foundations 1
BANA 7011 Data Analysis 2
OM 7011
Management of Operations
MGMT 7000 Management 2

Waived for students with significant work experience in finance, accounting, related field or earned a grade of B or higher in the equivalent undergraduate (or graduate) course at UC or other accredited university

Student must complete at least 4 of the 7 Basic Business Knowledge courses before graduating from the program


24 credits

ECON 7011 Econometrics 3
FIN 7037 Fixed Income 3
FIN 7041 Investments 3
ACCT 8089 Statement Analysis 2
FIN 7020
Theory of Financial Decision Making 3
FIN 7035 Financial Information and Valuation 3
FIN 7042 Options and Futures 3
FIN 7076 Fin Careers & Professional Development II 1
FIN 7082 Special Topics- Capstone
BA 7077 Career Management

Focus Areas

2-3 credits

Select one. Options include:
FIN 7062 Advanced Capital Budgeting ** 2
FIN 7045 Portfolio Management ** 3
FIN 7054 Risk Management** 3
RE 6050 Real Estate Development** 3


3-4 credits

Non- Finance electives require Program Director approval


An innovative feature of the University of Cincinnati’s MS Finance program is your ability to select an area of specialization. This feature enables you to build on the breadth and depth of the curriculum offered in finance at the University of Cincinnati. Our strong core curriculum, coupled with the specialization options, gives you the flexibility to design a program that enables you to achieve your career objectives.

The MS Finance program currently supports the following focus areas:

  • Investments
  • Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP®)
  • Corporate Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Real Estate


The University of Cincinnati’s Master of Science in Finance program requires all students to complete a capstone experience. Students will complete their capstone requirement by competing in the ACG Cup competition or completing a research project with an industry partner. In addition, all students will describe their capstone experience in an essay.

  • ACG Cup: Organized by the Cincinnati Chapter of the Association of Corporate Growth, for the last ten years the University of Cincinnati has participated in the ACG Cup case competition. MS Finance students that participate in the 2017-2018 Cincinnati ACG Cup case competition and finish within the top 4 teams will satisfy the first element of their capstone requirement. Students will need to complete their capstone essay for their capstone requirement to be fulfilled.
  • Research Project: Students will work with UC Finance Faculty and an industry partner on a research project. The project will be presented to participants in first week of spring semester, with project presentations being concluded by the first week of April. As with the ACG Cup, participants will need to complete their capstone essay for their capstone requirement to be fulfilled.