Real Estate Certificate


As recent economic events have clearly demonstrated, the Real Estate sector can have a profound effect on the US economy. Thus, Real Estate, including both the residential and commercial sectors, is an area of considerable interest. The Lindner College of Business has a Center for Real Estate, which has strong programs and ties with the local corporate community.

This Certificate addresses the need for and interest in Real Estate education among our graduate students and community partners.



The Real Estate certificate is made up of 12 semester credits (plus a pre-requisite - 3 credit hours), including 2-3 core courses (6-9 semester credits) and 1-2 elective course (3-6 semester credits), depending on program affiliation and prior coursework.

  Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
Prerequisites* ACCT 7000 Foundations in Accounting 2
FIN 7000 Foundations in Finance 1


6-9 credit hours

RE 6050 Real Estate Development 3
RE 7042 Real Estate Finance and Investment 3
FIN 7014** Financial Management 3


3 credit hours

RE 6000 Property and Asset Management 3
RE 6031 Real Estate Analysis 3
RE 6092 Real Estate Valuation 3
FIN 7035 Financial Information and Valuation 3
FIN 7037 Fixed Income 3
FIN 7041 Investments 3
FIN 7062 Advanced Capital Budgeting 3

*The pre-requisites can be waived, at the discretion of the Program Director, for students who have appropriate prior coursework or relevant work experience. Typically an undergraduate business degree will be sufficient to waive ACCT 7000.

**MBA students at Lindner College of Business who are required to take FIN 7014 as part of the MBA core may not count this towards the certificate. They will be required to take an extra elective. Undergraduate finance majors will be able to waive FIN 7014 – they will also be expected to take an extra elective instead.


The electives listed above represent the typical set from which most students will choose. Students may also be able to select other electives, with the approval of the Program Director.

To learn more about this certificate, please contact:


Kevin Mussman

Kevin Mussman, MS
Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment
Phone: 513-556-6904

shaun bond

Shaun Bond
West Shell, Jr., Chair in Real Estate, Professor