John D. Dovich & Associates, LLC

Firm Overview:

We are an independent fee based financial advisory firm providing integrated wealth management solutions to three primary constituencies. We represent privately held companies and their owners, highly paid professionals and affluent families. We are nimble creative problem solvers with no preconceived ideas or off the shelf answers. We focus on actions and results, not words.

Services and/or Products:

Exit Planning for Privately Held Companies and their shareholders that emphasizes the process, not a product. Comprehensive Financial Planning independently crafted and coordinated as part of a team based approach. Investment Advisory Services utilizing a fee based approach.

Estate Planning including working with client's attorneys.

Compensation Planning specifically for owners and key personnel within a firm.

Fees are quoted in advance and vary based on client fact pattern.

Past/Current Involvement with the Goering Center:

Our firm has been an active member of the Goering Center since 2005. Our firm principals regularly attend Goering Center functions. We also are active members of a family business roundtable whose members include Goering Center Board of Trustees.

Special Offer(s) for Goering Center Core Members:

For Goering Center members we will provide an initial comprehensive exit planning assessment to assist the member in understanding how they can improve their chances for a successful exit from their business. That exit may include a transition to family, key employees/management or sale to an outsider.

John D. Dovich is a Registered Representative of Lion Street Financial, LLC (LSF). Securities offered through Lion Street Financial, LLC (LSF), member FINRA & SIPC. Investment Advisory Services offered through John D. Dovich & Associates, LLC. LSF is not affiliated with John D. Dovich & Associates, LLC

Contact Information:

Primary Individual Contact:

John D. Dovich
625 Eden Park Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Year Company/Firm Founded: 1991