GigSmart Inc.

Firm Overview:

GigSmart is a mobile technology company founded in 2016 by Becky and Ted Catino.

GigSmart has two core missions:

  1. GigSmart creates a seamless, efficient, friendly employer/independent contractor marketplace that optimally matches employers seeking on-demand labor and individuals willing to provide it.
  2. GigSmart creates an efficient system for charitable organizations to manage their volunteer needs while providing interested volunteers the ability to make themselves available.

Services and/or Products:

Download GIGSMART Get Workers and get direct access to workers and volunteers on demand. Search by skill, check worker ratings, and staff great candidates, all using the app. The process is simple and efficient.  When urgent, unexpected labor needs arise or your organization experiences a skills gap, GigSmart gives you immediate access to the workers you need today.

We give you the power to find qualified, on-demand workers as fast as you need them. Our app reduces the time you spend looking for qualified help and even lets you mark your favorite independent workers for future contact.            

From the moment a Worker accepts your gig to the minute they complete it — our platform lets you communicate with the worker, and pays them directly through the app. At a 10% fee, you can do it all at the lowest fee in the industry for sourcing labor. Charities sourcing volunteers is completely FREE.

GigSmart is a great way for businesses to source independent workers, charities to find available volunteers, and individuals to select workers for jobs and services.

Past/Current Involvement with the Goering Center:

GigSmart Inc. was a 2018 Corporate Partner of the Goering Center, and continues to partner with the organization in 2019.

Special Offer(s) for Goering Center Core Members:

GigSmart is available to discuss the current trends in today’s changing labor market in an effort to assist in identifying areas within an organization where a “just-in-time” labor force enhances a company’s productivity and efficiency efforts.  We are also open to serve as a Board of Directors or Board of Advisors member.

Contact Information:

Primary Individual Contact:

Rich Oakes
2420 17th Street, 3rd Floor
Denver, CO 80202
Year Company/Firm Founded: