Boost Pricing

Firm Overview:

Our team of pricing consultants are pricing geeks and professional speakers. Our passion is for people to be paid well for their excellence. Boost is a firm that helps companies discover their true pricing power and improve profits through better pricing. Boost works with teams to drive culture change and dramatic, sustainable results.

Services and/or Products:

WORKSHOPS: Packed with interactive exercises, thought-provoking analysis and practical, applicable ways to shift pricing paradigms to radically boost profitability, Boost workshops are truly transformative.

· SPEAKING: Whether speaking to a small group of executive leaders or presenting to a large TEDx audience, our talks on strategic pricing are full of real-world practicality, laugh-out-loud humor and audience-grabbing dramatic effect. A speaking engagement with Boost is a captivating conversation that will change the way audience members see pricing and value.

· COACHING: Boost offers pricing strategy and execution support to salespeople, business leaders, and solopreneurs one-on-one or in small groups on such topics as price increases, value messaging, combatting customer price objections, promotional pricing, customer proposals & RFQs, etc.

Past/Current Involvement with the Goering Center:

Casey Brown of Boost Pricing gave a pro bono presentation to Goering Center members on August 27, 2019.

Contact Information

Primary Individual Contact:

Casey Brown
PO Box 82558
Columbus, OH 43202
Year Company/Firm Founded: 2011