Nominate the "Rising Leaders" in Your Family or Private Business

Carol Butler, President, Goering Center

At the Goering Center we frequently talk about buoyancy in the economy and how we so often hear “I don’t know anyone who isn’t doing well right now.” When business is going so well – and we are so busy - we often don’t take the time out to develop our future leaders.

In any business, family or private, cultivating bench strength is critical to long-term success. By investing in a rising generation of leaders we lay a foundation for succession, and by acknowledging the accomplishments of these rising leaders, we create highly engaged and motivated teams. These new leaders shape the future of our companies and collectively grow our regional economy.

To demonstrate its continued commitment to this region’s future generation of leaders, the Goering Center will again honor a “Rising Leader” at its annual Family & Private Business Awards at its annual awards celebration on September 10, 2019.

All Family & Private Businesses Now Eligible to Nominate a Rising Leader

Our annual nomination process begins in November, 2018, and will continue through July, 2019. Nominations submitted by the last day of every month will be considered for selection on the following month. An independent panel of judges will select one semi-finalist from the pool of nominees, thus identifying 9 semi-finalists this first year. Semi-finalists will be chosen for their demonstrated success advancing one of the 10 Best Practices of enduring family and private businesses

The Goering Center was established to serve family and private businesses in the Greater Cincinnati region who are committed to creating a better future. Therefore, all family and private businesses are eligible to nominate a rising leader -- you do not have to be a Goering Center member to participate. Nominees should be identified as a future leader in your organization, or on a path of ownership succession. Most importantly, they must have demonstrated success advancing one of our Ten Best Practices of Family & Private Businesses.

Each month, the Goering Center will showcase semi-finalists in our publications and live events. By publicly acknowledging their accomplishments we will help establish them – and the companies they work for – as Rising Leaders in Greater Cincinnati’s business community.

To nominate your Rising Leader, click here.