Core Membership

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The value of being a Goering Center member is the collaboration. Whether you founded the company or are leading one, it can be a lonely place. Here, we learn from each other. I stay involved because of my personal quest to be evergreen. I always want to be better.

Joe Motz, The Motz Corporation

Goering Center Core Members are family and private businesses that aspire to grow and thrive in an ever changing environment. The Goering Center supports their growth through excellence in education, training and connections to a network of skilled professionals and resources.

Benefits of Core Membership

As a Core Member, your first year membership fee of $1,000 includes the Principles Course, the Best Practices Alignment Profile and complimentary admissions to each of our Core Member Breakfasts.

New members also receive a complimentary Business Courier subscription and access to the Goering Guide mentoring program. Experienced members are matched with new members to help you feel welcome and to familiarize you with all the Center has to offer.

For additional information on Core Membership, please contact our New Member Engagement Director David Miller at 513-556-5648. Click below to join today.

Best Practices Alignment Profile

The Best Practices Alignment Profile is a service offered to Goering Center members and is based on the ten best practices of enduring family and private businesses.

The Best Practices Alignment Profile is an online, anonymous survey completed by everyone who is important to the success of your business: owners, key employees, and if a family business, family members working inside and outside of your organization.

This tool provides critical knowledge to your business success. Results indicate how well your team is aligned with your company’s mission, goals and ownership priorities.

To learn more about the Best Practices Alignment Profile, contact Steve McLemore at 513-556-7409 or

Principles Course

This half-day workshop helps family and private businesses understand the unique dynamics within their organization. You will learn how to leverage Goering Center resources and tools to survive challenging times and create successful strategies for future leaders.

Session time and address
7:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Hosted at the Goering Center
225 Calhoun Street, Room 359
Cincinnati, OH 45219

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The best learning opportunities at the Goering Center occur when members learn from their peers. Our Executive Roundtables provide this forum. Eight to ten members meet in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust and openness to share in each other’s business, family and personal experiences. Trained moderators guide discussions and the group functions as trusted advisors who spark ideas and guide better decisions.

For more information, or to join a Roundtable, contact Steve Hater at 513-556-7896 or