Strategic Planning Institute

Molly Fender of Monti Incorporated, posing in front of art at her family's business.
The Strategic Planning Institute helped our management team gain clarity about Monti's future. We know where we can win in the marketplace, and what we need to do to put our winning strategy into play. From people to the processes, our team is clear, aligned, and poised to make it happen.

Molly Fender, Monti Incorporated

Plan your next move

Business owners who engage in the Strategic Planning Institute will leave with a straightforward action plan that clarifies the future direction of their business and prioritizes the work that the business’ management team needs to lead.

What is the outcome?

Leave with three concise documents that will help communicate your strategy to your teams as well as track implementation.

Who is this for?

The program is designed for leadership teams who are serious about competing in their space and who are ready to take the steps necessary to implement a winning game plan.

What is the purpose?

Business teams will work together during this process to:

  • Realize their winning aspiration and determine their optimal playing field
  • Reveal their true competitive advantage and get real about whether it distinguishes the business from the competition
  • Determine if all the operational pieces are in place to win
  • Identify gaps in their management systems
  • Outline the plan and assemble the team
  • Define success, action steps and milestones
  • Get accountability and stay on track with an onsite checkup session


Strategic Planning Institute includes four, four-hour group workshop sessions, led by Dr. Rajan Kamath.  

  • Guest speakers will share how they developed winning aspirations for their businesses and implemented a strategic plan to win in the marketplace.
  • Table facilitators will help guide attendees through the process of laying the foundation for their business strategy.
  • In the final session of SPI, Dr. Rajan Kamath will review attendees' progress and offer guidance for staying on track with implementation.


Dr. Rajan Kamath's headshot

Dr. Rajan Kamath, PhD, demystifies strategy by taking the business of planning and making it easy to understand and simple to execute.  He is a Lindner College of Business professor who works with CEOs and businesses worldwide to design and implement winning solutions.  Rajan is also the CEO of Artesiaa Consulting, a Cincinnati-based firm providing strategy, culture, organization and change management services to leading companies like Haas-TCM, Cengage Learning (formerly Thomson), BPCL, and Procter & Gamble.  In the last five years Rajan has dedicated himself to serving owners and leadership teams in companies large and small as they shape the future of their organizations.  

The Strategic Planning Institute is designed exclusively for the Goering Center by Dr. Rajan Kamath. Using the backdrop of Playing to Win, a strategy building process from Harvard Business Review and former P&G CEO, Alan Lafley, Dr. Kamath will guide you through the basic principles to build a winning strategy for your business.

For more information about Strategic Planning Institute, contact Steve McLemore at 513-556-7409 or email

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Who should attend: Business owners, key employees, management teams, and major decision-makers in the business.

Where: The Goering Center, located at U Square in Clifton

Session dates for 2019: June 13, June 20, June 27 and July 25

For more information about Strategic Planning Institute, contact Steve McLemore at 513-556-7409 or email

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