Communication and Culture Institute

The Communication and Culture Institute is a hands-on, how-to, six-session program to help private and family businesses get real about what's wrong. Walk in frustrated and leave equipped to fix the foundational problems sabotaging your organization. Business owners, their families and leadership teams are encouraged to attend.

Will you inspire change?

Performance-enhancing cultures drive revenue skyward. Employees are engaged, momentum builds, and customers become raving fans. But when a culture lacks trust and respect, conflict takes hold. No one is happy. The best people leave. Profits plummet.

Healthy cultures are built from the top down. Leaders who inspire change, create change. But it takes self-awareness, skill development, and above all, practice, to positively impact your bottom line.

Key topics


Understand what leads to most misunderstandings, then learn and practice new skills to avoid those misunderstandings and overcome barriers. We will explore problem ownership and how to avoid taking on other people's monkeys.

Inspiring respect and trust

Learn why disrespect occurs and understand its real cost. We'll share formulas for trust-building and develop skills to help you build trust in your organization.

Self control, management and deception

How is your thinking undermining your good intentions? Identify the most common thought patterns that make us misbehave, learn how to handle these self-defeating beliefs and how this affects our ability to make good decisions.

Daring to confront

Do you know how to give effective feedback? Could you improve? Learn how to effectively confront people so you can prevent conflict before it occurs. Then, explore the different ways that different generations approach confrontation.

Resolving conflict

Learn and practice the skills you need to avoid or mediate conflict when it does occur. Then practice these skills some more.

Designing your action plan

Work with our team of experts to develop a governance structure and the supporting tools you need to inspire change in your organization. Begin development of a family council and charter, and a communication and culture plan, for your family or private business.


Lynne Ruhl headshot

The Communication and Culture Institute is presented in partnership with Lynne Ruhl, Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures.

Lynne Ruhl, CEO of Perfect 10, spent 18 years training, mentoring and coaching some of the finest athletes in gymnastics. She formed Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures in 2001 to cultivate work environments high in trust and respect.

Today, Lynne operates a Cincinnati-based consultancy focused on developing healthy cultures, strong leaders and winning strategies.


This is a hands-on program designed for both family and private businesses.

Owners, their successors and leadership teams will come together in a relaxed, confidential learning environment where they can work together as a team.

Each session begins with breakfast. Lunch and snacks provided throughout the day.


By the end of this institute you and your team will:

  • Understand what's needed to reverse the bottom line impact of a dysfunctional work culture;
  • Recognize what each is doing to contribute to the dysfunction, and gain the skills needed to change the behavior;
  • Learn how to inspire change, and implement what you've learned within your family or private business.

Register for C&CI

Who should attend: Tuition includes one owner of a family or private business and a key leader of their choosing. Additional family members and leadership teams are strongly encouraged to participate for an additional fee. Owner's spouses may attend at no additional charge. Open to members and non-members in family or private businesses.

Tuition: Members: individual, $2,000; team of three, $5,000. Non-members: individual, $2,400; team of three, $6,000. Each additional member participant will be charged $1,500 ($1,800 for each additional non-member).

Where: The Goering Center, 225 Calhoun Street, Cincinnati, OH, 45219.

When: August 22, September 5, September 19, October 3, October 17, and October 31, plus one private session scheduled at the convenience of the parties. Sessions from 7:30 a.m. to noon.

For more information about the Communication and Culture Institute, contact David Miller at 513-556-5648 or email