Business Boards Institute

Ross Votel of KOI Precast Concrete, posing at his workplace, in front of two employees in background.
Our board has been a tremendous benefit. Not only do they provide fresh perspectives on our business backed by a wealth of experience and accomplishments, but they also force us to step back and take a more analytical look at ourselves. When you start anticipating the board asking ‘why?’ and ‘what will the impact be,’ you start developing a deeper understanding of your own organization.

Ross Votel, KOI Precast Concrete


An outside Board of Advisors provides a sounding board for ideas and issues, access to talent you otherwise might not be able to afford, and the ability to tap into resources that may be out of your reach.

Outside experts can propel your business forward, providing you with:

  • Unbiased advice and diversity in thinking
  • Expert knowledge and wisdom
  • Insight on how other firms operate, evolve and grow
  • Accountability


BBI, in partnership with Aileron, is exclusively designed for the family and private businesses of the Goering Center.

This institute is conducted by Aileron trained Business Board Advisors who are seasoned entrepreneurs in the Cincinnati business community.

They assist you in organizing a board that matches the specific needs of your business, including:

  • Identify, interview and recruit prospective board members
  • Prepare for and lead your board meetings
  • Critique meeting effectiveness
  • Indemnify yourself, your company, and your board members

Register for BBI

Who should attend: President/CEO and other top executive or decision makers in the business.

Where: These sessions take place at the participating company.

When: Workshops are scheduled with your Business Board Advisor at the convenience of both parties.

Board Candidate Search

If you have an established Board of Advisors and are seeking replacement board members, the Goering Center can help.

We will meet with you to understand your specific needs and desired outcomes and will then identify candidates for your consideration.

To learn more about the Board Candidate Search or the Business Boards Institute, contact Steve McLemore at 513-556-7409.