Rising Leader Award

Nominate your Rising Leader for 2019

Cultivating bench strength is critical to long-term success. By investing in a rising generation of leaders, we lay a foundation for succession, and by acknowledging the accomplishments of these rising leaders, we create highly engaged and motivated teams. These new leaders shape the future of our companies and collectively grow our regional economy.

To demonstrate its commitment to this region’s future generation of leaders, the Goering Center honors one “Rising Leader” at its annual Family and Private Business Awards.

Nominations submitted by the last business day of every month will be considered for selection on the following month.

Nomination process and award criteria

The second annual nomination process began August 1, 2018, and continues through July 31, 2019. Over these months, an independent panel of judges will select nine semifinalists from a pool of nominees, one each month from November through July. Semifinalists are chosen for their demonstrated success advancing one of the 10 Best Practices of Family and Private Business.

A nominee must be on a leadership or succession track of a family or private business.

The Goering Center will showcase semifinalists in our publications and live events. By publicly acknowledging their accomplishments we will help establish them–and the companies they work for–as Rising Leaders in Greater Cincinnati’s business community.

For more information about the Rising Leader Award, contact Cathy Decker at cathy.decker@uc.edu or 513-556-7405.

Rising Leader Semi-Finalists

April 2019

Headshot of Rachel Fyffe

Rachel Fyffe

Customer Experience Manager, CME Services

Best Practice: Giving Back

Rachel Fyffe serves as Customer Experience Manager at CME Services. She is being recognized for how she has given back to her company and community. "Rachel is our culture champion. She is the one who recognizes the opportunities to demonstrate how much we really do care – through recognition activities for our employees and cards for special family occasions, among other things," says Nicole Menkhaus, COO at CME Services. The company started giving back 10 percent of any project done for a religious or non-profit organization to that organization.

March 2019

Headshot of Lori Hallmark

Lori Hallmark

Partner, PwC

Best Practice: Dynamic Business Strategy

Lori Hallmark is a Partner with PwC and recently became a Private Company Services Audit Strategy Driver Leader. Lori is being recognized as March’s Rising Leader for contributing to the company's “Dynamic Business Strategy." With Lori’s outstanding leadership, “the firm was able to customize the audit methodology applicable to privately-held and family owned businesses,” says PwC Partner, Joe Walker.

February 2019

Headshot of Rachel Mason-Mendelsohn

Rachel Mason-Mendelsohn

Managing Partner and Secretary-Treasurer, Mason, Schilling and Mason Co., LPA

Best Practice: Business Strategy

Rachel Mason-Mendelsohn is a Managing Partner and Secretary-Treasurer at Mason, Schilling and Mason Co., LPA. Rachel has served as the managing partner for the law firm for more than six years, and is being honored for her work on the company’s business strategy. “She handles a significant client case load and services the needs of the law firm creditor-client base, which has grown by over 30 percent during her tenure,” said Jonathan Mason, MSM’s Senior Counsel. Rachel also handles all management duties at the firm as well as financial reporting, human resources and client development.

January 2019

Headshot of Krista Mahon

Krista Mahon

President, Riverside Electric

Best Practice: Business Charter

Krista Mahon, President at Riverside Electric, is being recognized as January’s Rising Leader for contributing to her company’s Business Charter. Krista was recently appointed to President by her CEO father Paul Gangloff. She collaborated with key staff and the rest of the Riverside team to create a set of new core values for the company. Brent Carter, Executive Coach with Leadership Excelleration, said of his peer's performance, “Krista spearheaded the effort to define and adopt a set of core values for Riverside Electric that encompass the culture and desired behaviors of the company."

December 2018

Headshot of Paul Carrier

Paul Carrier

Operations Manager, KC Robotics

Best Practice: Dynamic Business Strategy

Paul Carrier, Operations Manager at KC Robotics, is being recognized as December's Rising Leader for contributing to his company's "Dynamic Business Strategy," one of the Goering Center's ten best practices for family and private business. "Paul worked tirelessly to create a business strategy that would improve three major business areas: company culture, customer satisfaction and increased sales," says KC Robotics CFO, Connie Carrier. He has also helped to improve recruiting, performance reviews, employee development and communication. "KC Robotics' sales has increased by 30 percent over the previous year for the past two years [and] customer satisfaction surveys have been positive."

November 2018

Headshot of Janice Scheid

Janice Scheid

Controller, Melink Corporation

Best Practice: Business Growth

Janice Scheid, Controller at Melink Corporation, was selected as November's Rising Leader for contributing to "Business Growth," one of the Goering Center's ten best practices for family and private business. Jan's efforts as Controller enabled CEO Steve Melink to sell the company to the employees through an ESOP. "Improved output from our Administrative and Finance team, through individual performance and improved processes, have enabled the business to grow by double-digits in 2017 and 2018, we project," says Melink President, Craig Davis.