Family and Private Business Awards

John Goering, at podium, leads attendees in applause at the Family and Private Business Awards

The Goering Center Family and Private Business Awards is a region-wide event designed to showcase the unique successes of Greater Cincinnati’s family and private businesses that have contributed to our economy and community growth, and that reflect best business practices.

The awards are intended to embrace the full range of family and private business — large and small, new and old, whether members of the Goering Center or not — as a way to recognize the important role that these enterprises plays in the vitality of our region.

Three awards will be presented in each of two divisions: Family Business Division and Private Business Division.

The ultimate goal of the Goering Center is to see people succeed in both their family and business life, thus moving forward in their journey. It truly never gets old to hear their testimonies of success.

John Goering, founder

For more information about the Family and Private Business Awards, please email, or call 513-556-7130.

We had fun at the 2018 Awards. See photos, winners and more here.