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Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in simplifying raw data into the very easily understandable format. Data analysis is very fast with Tableau and the visualizations created are in the form of dashboards and worksheets.

The following courses are offered. All courses can be customized and delivered at your location.

  • Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Advanced Tableau

Data Visualization

Transform Data into Meaningful Insights

In this two day training you will learn  

  • How to use data visualization to analyze complex data sets.
  • How to create visual insights from data that generate action.
  • Design principles for creating effective data visualization.
  • Data visualization software and tools to display and analyze complex data sets.
  • Creating dashboards to monitor organizational status and gain competitive advantage.

Data by itself is meaningless. Data visualization encompasses a set of techniques and principles that can be used to transform data at its most basic form into charts and tables that can be analyzed and presented to generate insights and spur action. This two-day workshop will teach participants how to use data visualization to both analyze complex data sets to generate insights and to present analytical output as meaningful information. The course will cover data visualization best practices, design principles for creating effective data visualization, and leading software demonstrations (advanced Excel features, Tableau, "R" etc.) to show participants how to effectively display and analyze complex data sets. We will introduce interactive data visualization tools to create data dashboards that can be used to monitor the status of your organization and to create exceptional opportunities for generating competitive advantage. This course is suitable for all levels of participants interested in learning more effective data visualization techniques.

Tableau keys will be provided to registrants for installation prior to class, however any data visualization tool may be used.

Introduction to Tableau

This two-day training is designed for beginner Tableau users and anyone who works with data with or without technical or analytical backgrounds. Those with some prior Tableau experience will benefit from the many tips and trick covered in this training.

 Additional topics may be covered in this course depending on attendee interest and questions.

                                              Introduction to Tableau Course Outline
Day One Day Two  
  • Introduction to Tableau and Data Visualization
  • The Tableau Opening Screen and Canvas
  • Build a Bar Chart
  • Build Other Charts
  • Build a Dashboard and Worksheet Formatting
  • Dual Axis Charts
  • Dashboard Actions
  • Filters
  • Other charts
  • Shapes
  • Sorting
  • Web Object
  • Analysis Tab
  • Chart Types
  • Importing Data
  • Mapping
  • Story Points

Advanced Tableau

This two-day workshop on Tableau will cover intermediate and advanced topics.

PRE-REQUISITE: Attendees should have attended previous "Introduction to Tableau" trainings or have significant experience using Tableau in a professional environment.

Course content will include advanced chart types and business dashboards, advanced calculations in Tableau, using calculations, parameters, and table calculations, and other topics.

Additional topics may be covered in this course depending on attendee interest and questions.

                                      Advanced Tableau Course Outline
Day One Day Two  

Tableau Forecast

·       Lines
·       Bands
·       Connecting

Chart Types

·       Dual Axis Area Chart
·       Calendar View
·       Marginal Histogram
·       Likert Scale Stacked Bars
·       Bar in Bar Chart
·       Tadpole Chart
·       Waterfall Chart (Churn Dashboard)
·       Bump Chart
·       Waffle Chart
·       Sankey-style slopegraph

Tile Maps

·       Shapes with Data Blend
·       With Calculation
·       Polygon
·       Shapefile


·       Shapefiles with points on a map

Import PDF and Data Prep

·       Tableau-Import Hamilton County Auditor PDF
·       Export as PDF or Extract
·       Bring in Prep and Remove NULLS and save as CSV
·       Load to to geocode and download
·       Import into Tableau


·       Sales or Profit Bins
·       Data Densification


·       Table Calculations
·       Running Sum
·       Data Function
·       Level of Detail

Custom Color Palettes

·       Create Custom Color Palette
·       Demo

Javascript API

R Integration


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Tableau Zen Master Jeffrey Shaffer is an expert in applying data visualization to create insights and competitive advantage. Mr. Shaffer is Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business where he teaches Data Visualization in the graduate course series for Data Analytics. He is a regular speaker at conferences, symposiums, universities and corporate training programs on the topic of data visualization, he writes for the data visualization blog at Data + Science and he was a finalist in the 2011 Tableau Interactive Visualization Competition. Mr. Shaffer also teaches data visualization at the KPMG Advisory University. Mr. Shaffer is Vice President of Information Technology and Analytics at Unifund. He joined Unifund in 1996 and has been instrumental in the creation and development of the complex systems, analytics and business intelligence platform at Unifund.Replace with your text


  • I actually came because I had heard great things about the instructor and learned far more than I was expecting."
  • "I knew some Tableau but this course put everything together for me."
  • "Great course and great instructor."
  • "The instructor is clearly knowledgeable and can think on the fly to answer questions."
  • "Fantastic course. Lots of knowledge given in two days in a very organized method."


Course Fee: $895 includes breakfasts, lunches, refreshments, and free parking for both days.

Room TBD
Lindner College of Business
2906 Woodside Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45221

These trainings can also be delivered at your location.

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