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Microsoft PowerBI is a business intelligence software rapidly gaining in popularity. Due to its comprehensive suite of data visualization and integration tools as well as its affordable pricing models, Gartner has ranked Microsoft PowerBI on par with Tableau in 2017.

The following courses are offered. All courses can be customized and delivered at your location.






  • Data Visualization Principles and Concepts
  • Introduction to MS Power BI or Introduction to Tableau 
  • Advanced MS PowerBI or Advanced Tableau

To achieve a Certificate of Competency, all classes must be taken through the Center for Business Analytics.  In the event that professional experience meets the prerequisite for a class, another approved class may be substituted (limited to 1 class per Certificate of Competency)

Data Visualization Principles and Concepts

Transform Data into Meaningful Insights

Data by itself is meaningless. Data visualization encompasses a set of techniques and principles that can be used to transform data at its most basic form into charts and tables that can be analyzed and presented to generate insights and spur action. This online or two-day in-person workshop will teach participants how to use data visualization to both analyze complex data sets to generate insights and to present analytical output as meaningful information. The course will cover data visualization best practices, design principles for creating effective data visualization, and leading software demonstrations (e.g. advanced Excel features, Tableau, R) to show participants how to effectively display and analyze complex data sets.  We will introduce interactive data visualization tools that can be used to explore data and to create exceptional opportunities for generating competitive advantage  This course is suitable for all levels of participants interested in learning more effective data visualization techniques.  .Access will be provided to any required data visualization software.

No prior experience required

4 online sessions

Online Course Fees: $495  ($595 starting Jan 1 2021)

These trainings can also be customized and delivered at your location.

Introduction to MS Power BI

The course is designed to be an introduction to Microsoft PowerBI and its use as a data analytics and reporting tool. There will be an even mix of lecturing and working sessions where the students will be developing their own dashboards with some sample data. The material will focus on the core building blocks of PowerBI.

                                     Introduction to MS Power BI Course Outline
Day One   Day Two  

·       Overview of PowerBI Service

·       Loading data into PowerBI

·       Creating simple visuals

·       Using PowerBI quick measures

·       Data viz design tips

·       Creating interactive reports with filters, cards, KPI’s and targets


By the end of day one, students will be able to load data into PowerBI and create a fully interactive report based on simple calculations.

·       Data modeling – table relationships, calculated fields, DAX measures

·       What-if scenarios

·       Forecasting tools

·       Using R within PowerBI

·       Sharing and deploying dashboards

·       Data security

·       Final PowerBI project

By the end of day two, students will be able to model large datasets within PowerBI, generate dynamic dashboards, and deploy those dashboards for use in their businesses.


4 online sessions

Online Course Fees: $495  ($595 starting Jan 1 2021)

These trainings can also be customized and delivered at your location.

Advanced MS Power BI

This course takes a deep dive into advanced level Power BI skills, covering lesser known but more advanced skills from the Power BI set of features. This course is a continuation of the "Introduction to Power BI" class or the following knowledge is recommended prior to taking this course: how to connect to data, how to build basic data models, basic PowerBI visualizations, and basic DAX knowledge. Desired Outcomes: • Create more sophisticated calculations and metrics using advanced DAX functionality • Improve the end user experience with various interactive reporting tools • Efficiently publish and deploy PowerBI reports across an organization

                                     Advanced MS Power BI Course Outline
Day One Day Two

Advanced Data Modeling with DAX

·       Running totals and moving averages

·       Filtered calculations and subtotals<

·       Calculated tables

·       DAX variables

·       Advanced time intelligence functions

Data Transformations in the Query Editor

·       Removing duplicates

·       Identifying errors

·       Merging queries

·       Conditional logic

·       Normalization

Spatial Analysis

·       ArcGIS maps

Integrating R with Power BI

Features for Interactive Reporting

·       Parameters and What-if Analysis

·       Action Buttons

·       Bookmarks

·       Drill-through

·       Power BI analyze distribution

·       Bookmarks

·       Report Themes

·       Power BI templates

Deployment and Security

·       Power BI free vs premium

·       Creating apps and workspaces

·       Reports vs dashboards

·       Data Gateways and Scheduled Refresh

·       Row-level Security

·       Dataflows (preview feature)


4 online sessions

Online Course Fee: $595

This training can also be customized and delivered at your location.

Gabe Welp photo MS Power BI Instructor


Gabe Welp, Senior Technical Analyst, Amend Consulting: 

Gabe specializes in Business Intelligence projects, and has implemented and developed enterprise-wide reporting solutions for a diverse group of companies spanning multiple industries. The majority of Gabe's Business Intelligence projects have relied heavily on Power BI. Gabe received his BA in Economics from Brown University. Gabe worked at The Kroger Co. in their finance group before joining AMEND in 2018.


  • The essentials were covered.  The content was appropriate without being too slow.
  • Well versed and knew his stuff
  • Covered a lot of material in a short period of time.  Well done
  • Gabe is very knowledgeable and did a very good job presenting the material
  • Great class, relevant and very helping in enhancing my skills

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