Faculty Research & Publications

With Lindner faculty consistently making significant contributions that affect the lives of business professionals and consumers, students can learn from and work alongside leading researchers and make their mark. 

Liwei Chen, PhD, assistant professor of operations, business analytics and information systems; Craig Froehle, PhD, professor of operations, business analytics and information systems; Michael Fry, PhD, professor of operations, business analytics and information systems and academic director of the Center for Business Analytics. Photographed at Digital Futures for a story about how AI will impact business.

Lindner faculty members and researchers (from left) Michael Fry, PhD, Liwei Chen, PhD and Craig Froehle, PhD.

UC is an R1 research institution, a designation that places us among the nation’s leading universities in research and innovation. That reputation is part of what attracts a diverse array of not just students, but talented faculty. 

UC researchers drive significant economic impact in the region, supporting nearly 5,000 jobs, according to an independent report on the influence of Ohio’s public universities. UC and its affiliates invested a record $615 million into research spending in 2022, demonstrating a serious commitment to discovery and innovation.

Students know that at Lindner — and, by extension, UC — they can work alongside leading researchers and make their mark. To us, this is yet another way students can harness the power of experiential learning that UC and Lindner are known for. Each of Lindner's six academic departments contain engaged subject matter experts committed to producing research that advances academic- and real world-focused goals:

The real-world expertise Lindner researchers bring to business practices are evided by their accomplishments during the 2022-23 academic year:

  • 125 meaningful research contributions and presentations
    • 68 faculty publications
      • 58 journal articles
      • 5 book chapters
      • books
      • 2 teaching cases
  • 40+ appearances with news networks and mass media
  • 13 honors, recognitions and awards from Lindner, UC and professional organizations
  • fellows of the UC Graduate College
  • 4 faculty members recognized internally for research excellence
  • 3 faculty members with more than 10,000 citations
  • nationally competitive award winners

Research Highlights

Assistant marketing professor Noah VanBergen, PhD, explored the intersection of rational and emotional thought around decision-making in his co-authored paper "More Rational or More Emotional than Others? Lay Beliefs about Decision-Making Strategies, which was published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

VanBergen's primary research interest is in consumer attributions and inference-making, which he has applied to investigations of product efficacy, artificial intelligence, decision-making, meaningfulness, and other domains.

Lindner Faculty & Research in the News


Ambassadors represent interests of full-time MBA students

December 4, 2023

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business full-time MBA class of 2024 elected three students to serve as program ambassadors to represent their interests and serve as a conduit between the cohort and the graduate programs office (GPO).


WVXU: Health benefits and risks to recreational marijuana

December 1, 2023

The University of Cincinnati's LaTrice Montgomery joined WVXU's Cincinnati Edition to discuss the potential health benefits and harms associated with expanded cannabis access after Ohio voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana in the November election.


Local 12: New research could help treat cocaine use disorder by...

December 1, 2023

New research out of the University of Cincinnati takes a different approach to cocaine addiction. Local 12 produced a story on the study, interviewing lead researcher Andrew Norman, PhD, of the Department of Pharmacology and Systems Physiology at the UC College of Medicine.

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