Brittany Green

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Brittany Green

PhD Student, Department of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems

534 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Brittany is a doctoral student in business analytics and operations at UC.

Research Interest

Semiparametric and high-dimensional regression, longitudinal data, and data mining & analytics

Awards | Honors

Organization: Americal Statistical Association Cincinnati Chapter

Name: Comer-Reynolds Memorial Award

Year Received: 2019

Name: Albert C. Yates Fellowhip (2015-2016)

Year Received: 2015

Research in progress

Title: Tree-based Model for longitudinal studies


Title: Ultra-high Dimensional Partially Linear Single-Index Models Using GEE for Longitudinal Data

Location: Vancouver, B.C.

Year: 2018

Title: Tree Based Method for Longitudinal Data

Location: Baltimore, MD

Year: 2017