Yiwei Chen

Headshot of Yiwei Chen, PhD

Yiwei Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems

3332 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Completed: 2012
Degree: Ph D

Institution: Stanford University
Completed: 2008
Degree: MS

Institution: Peking University
Completed: 2006
Degree: BS

Published Contributions
Yiwei Chen, Vivek Farias, Nikolaos Trichakis, (2019). On the Efficacy of Static Prices for Revenue Management in the Face of Strategic Customers. Management Science.

Yiwei Chen, Stefanus Jasin, (2019). Power of Price Adjustment in Revenue Management with Strategic Customers. Proceedings of the Twentieth ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, 395-395.

Yiwei Chen, Ozalp Ozer, (2019). Supply Chain Contracts that Prevent Information Leakage. Management Science.

Yiwei Chen, Ming Hu, Yun Zhou, (2019). Pricing and Matching in the Sharing Economy. Sharing Economy: Making Supply Meet Demand, Springer, 137-164.

Yiwei Chen, MohammadHossein Bateni, Dragos Florin, Vahab Mirrokni, (2018). Fair Dynamic Resource Allocation in a Volatile Marketplace. NeurIPS (NIPS) 2018 Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities for AI in Financial Services.

Accepted Contributions
Yiwei Chen, Cong Shi, (Accepted). Joint Pricing and Inventory Management with Strategic Customers. Operations Research.

Yiwei Chen, Ming Hu, (Accepted). Pricing and Matching with Forward‑looking Buyers and Sellers. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.

Research in Progress
Title: Dynamic Pricing in an Evolving and Unknown Marketplace
Description: We consider a setting whereas the demand stochastically evolves over time. There exists a series of change points at which the parameters that modulate the demand functions change. We assume that the seller has no information about the demand evolution process. We aim at developing a dynamic pricing algorithm that enables the seller to both quickly learn the demand function and collect as much revenue as possible.
Status: On-Going
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Optimal Pricing Policy for Service Systems with Reusable Resources and Forward-Looking Customers
Description: We consider a seller who uses a finite number of reusable resources to serve customers. Each customer is allowed to make an advance reservation. Customers are heterogeneous in their arrival times, service start and end times, and service valuations. Customers are forward looking who strategically decide the times to request services. Customers have heterogeneous waiting disutilities. We aim at developing a dynamic pricing algorithm that is easy to implement and performs well.
Status: Planning
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Why are Fairness Concerns so Important? Lessons from Pricing a Shared Last-Mile Transportation System
Description: We consider a passenger last‑mile transportation system. At each train station, a passenger who gets off a train may consider a last-mile service that sends him/her from the train station to his/her destination. While the last-mile service planner designs the service, s/he needs to take into account the fairness issue, i.e., special passengers, such as seniors and disables people, need to be served no later than regular passengers and the fare for the special passengers cannot be higher than the fare for the regular passengers. We use real data from Singapore public transport to study the impact of the fairness conditions on the planner's objective of either maximizing social welfare or maximizing profit.
Status: On-Going
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Power of Price Adjustment in Revenue Management with Strategic Customers
Organization: University of Cincinnati
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Year: 2019

Title: Network Revenue Management with Online Inverse Batch Gradient Descent Method
Organization: University of Cincinnati
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Year: 2019

Title: Power of Price Adjustment in Revenue Management with Strategic Customers
Organization: University of Cincinnati
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Year: 2018