Michael Platt

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Michael Platt

Assistant Professor, Annual Adjunct, Department of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems

3459 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Institution: University of Cincinnati
Location: Ohio
Major: Quantitative Analysis
Completed: 2009
Degree: MS

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Location: Ohio
Major: Mathematics
Completed: 2003
Degree: BA

Research in Progress
Title: Short Term Inpatient Bed Prediction
Description: This paper presents a useful method for predicting inpatient beds on different units of the hospital using real time data. Historical lengths of stay, occupancy, and other standards were used to translate future activity into bed need. Different and more comprehensive appropriate models for various admit sources such as OR, ED and Direct Admits were developed. These include analyses of the variability attributed to day of week and holidays. A different model is made to cater the requirements of the inpatient admits and discharges for each admit source on each unit of the hospital.
Status: On-Going
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Predictive Analytics: What are the possibilities in healthcare?
Organization: University of Cincinnati
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Year: 2015