Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems Faculty

Department Head

Craig Froehle, PhD
Department Head and Professor of Operations, Business Analytics and Information Systems
Email: craig.froehle@uc.edu
Office: 3340 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7174


Liwei Chen
Assistant Professor
Email: chenlw@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3341 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7166

Roger Chiang, PhD
Email: roger.chiang@uc.edu
Office: 3362 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7086

Sherae Daniel
Associate Professor
Email: daniesr@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3322 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7175

Michael Fry, PhD
Email: mike.fry@uc.edu
Office: 3368 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-0404

Andrew Harrison, PhD
Assistant Professor
Email: harri3ar@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3325 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-3894

Steven Jones
Assistant Professor-Educator
Office: 3410 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Email: jonsv@ucmail.uc.ed

Dong-Gil Ko, PhD
Associate Professor
Email: donggil.ko@uc.edu
Office: 3339 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7199

Dungang Liu, PhD
Assistant Professor
Email: dungang.liu@uc.edu
Office: 3349 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-6357

Leonardo Lozano, PhD
Assistant Professor
Email: lozanolo@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3347 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7853

Michael Platt
Assistant Professor-Educator
Email: plattm@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3459 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7333

Yichen Qin, PhD
Associate Professor
Email: qinyn@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3366 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7025

Uday Rao, PhD
Email: uday.rao@uc.edu
Office: 3370 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7138

David Rapien
Associate Professor-Educator
Email: David.Rapien@uc.edu
Office: 3454 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-2702

Rob Rokey
Assistant Professor-Educator, MS-IS Academic Director
Email: robert.rokey@uc.edu
Office: 3457 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7058

Binny Samuel
Assistant Professor
Email: samuelby@uc.edu
Office: 3324 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7139

Ruth Seiple, MBA
Professor-Educator and Director, Kolodzik Business Scholars Program
Email: ruth.seiple@uc.edu
Office: 3452 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7155

Charles Sox, PhD
Associate Dean, Impact and Partnerships, Professor of Operations & Analytics
Email: soxcr@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3327 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-1531

Peng Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Email: wangp9@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3326 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-5793

Eric Webb, PhD
Assistant Professor and BBA-OM/BS-IM Academic Director
Email: eric.webb@uc.edu
Office: 3343 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7131

Maria Webb
Assistant Professor - Educator
Email: webb2m3@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 3412 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7994

Denise White, PhD
Assistant Professor - Educator and MS-BANA Academic Director
Email: denise.white@uc.edu
Office: 3456 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-2228

Jaime Windeler, PhD
Associate Professor
Email: Jaime.Windeler@uc.edu
Office: 3360 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7180

Ed Winkofsky, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Email: edward.winkofsky@uc.edu
Office: 3458 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7179

Yan Yu, PhD
Joseph S. Stern Professor of Business Analytics
Email: yan.yu@uc.edu
Office: 3364 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7147

Yinghao Zhang
Assistant Professor
Email: yinghao.zhang@uc.edu
Office: 3345 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7383

Part-Time Faculty

William Bresler
Program Manager and Adjunct Instructor
Office: 225 Calhoun Street, Suite 300
Phone: 513-556-5712

Hunter Bridewell
Adjunct Instructor
Email: bridewhr@ucmail.uc.edu

Brett Bumgarner
Adjunct Instructor
Email: bumgarbt@ucmail.uc.edu

Sally Celeski
Adjunct Instructor
Email: ceselssh@ucmail.uc.edu

Jordan Crabbe
Adjunct Instructor

Paul Foster
Adjunct Instructor

Michael Gattuso
Adjunct Instructor
Email: michael.gattuso@uc.edu

Sandra Goertemiller
Adjunct Instructor
Email: goertesa@ucmail.uc.edu

Greg Graman
Adjunct Instructor
Email: gramanga@ucmail.uc.edu

Brandon Greenwell, PhD
Adjunct Instructor
Email: greenwbm@ucmail.uc.edu

Sam Heshmati
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Email: heshmasm@ucmail.uc.edu

Nora Honken, PhD
Adjunct Instructor
Email: honkenna@ucmail.uc.edu

Steward Huang, PhD
Adjunct Instructor
Email: huangsd@ucmail.uc.edu

Justin Jodrey
Adjunct Instructor
Email: jodreyjt@ucmail.uc.edu

Jarrod Johnson
Adjunct Instructor
Email: johns9jm@ucmail.uc.edu

Brandan Jones
Adjunct Instructor
Email: jonesbr@ucmail.uc.edu

Ali Khoujmane
Adjunct Instructor
Email: khoujmai@ucmail.uc.edu

Timothy Lucas, JD
Adjunct Instructor
Email: lucasth@ucmail.uc.edu

Chanda Monroe-Williams
Adjunct Instructor
Email: monroecr@ucmail.uc.edu

Cheri Myers
Adjunct Instructor
Email: myers2cl@ucmail.uc.edu

Anantharam Narayanan, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: a.narayanan@uc.edu

Mark Ott
Adjunct Instructor
Email: ottmk@ucmail.uc.edu

Andrew Park
Adjunct Instructor
Email: parka@ucmail.uc.edu

Anthony Reyes
Adjunct Instructor
Email: reyesaj@ucmail.uc.edu

Abigail Richard, PhD
Adjunct Instructor
Email: abigail.richard@uc.edu

Matthew Risley
Adjunct Instructor
Email: rileymy@ucmail.uc.edu

Steve Seger
Adjunct Instructor
Email: segersp@ucmail.uc.edu

Beth Scheid
Adjunct Instructor
Email: rapienme@ucmail.uc.edu

Jeffrey Shaffer
Adjunct Instructor
Email: jeffrey.shaffer@uc.edu

Piyush Singh
Adjunct Instructor
Email: singhps@uc.edu

Kyle Snyder
Adjunct Instructor
Email: kyle.snyder@uc.edu

Laura Spring
Adjunct Instructor
Email: springla@ucmail.uc.edu

Brett Starr
Adjunct Instructor
Email: starrbt@ucmail.uc.edu

Stuart Stockton
Adjunct Instructor
Email: stocktsa@ucmail.uc.edu

Ethan Swan
Adjunct Instructor
Email: swanep@ucmail.uc.edu

Michael Thompson, PhD
Adjunct Instructor
Email: thomp4mc@ucmail.uc.edu

Stephen Tracy
Adjunct Instructor
Email: tracyse@ucmail.uc.edu

Ted Vakerics
Adjunct Instructor
Email: vakeritd@ucmail.uc.edu

Wilson Velez
Adjunct Instructor
Email: velezwj@ucmail.uc.edu

Bogdan Vykhovanyuk
Adjunct Instructor
Email: vykhovbn@ucmail.uc.edu

Alex Wolfe
Adjunct Instructor
Email: wolfeax@ucmail.uc.edu

John Yuanming Guo
Adjunct Instructor
Email: guo2ym@ucmail.uc.edu

Craig Zielazny
Adjunct Instructor
Email: zielazcg@ucmail.uc.edu


David Anderson, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: david.anderson@uc.edu

Norman Baker, PhD
Provost Emeritus
Email: bakernr@ucmail.uc.edu

Jeffrey Camm, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: jeff.camm@uc.edu

James Evans, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: james.evans@uc.edu

David Kelton, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: david.kelton@uc.edu

Martin Levy, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: martin.levy@uc.edu

Michael Magazine, PhD
Professor Emeritus and Ohio Eminent Scholar
Email: mike.magazine@uc.edu

Amit Raturi, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: amit.raturi@uc.edu

David Rogers, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: David.Rogers@UC.edu

Dennis Sweeney, DBA
Professor Emeritus
Email: dennis.sweeney@uc.edu

Uma Umanath, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: uma.umanath@uc.edu

Lawrence Young, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Email: younglf@ucmail.uc.edu