Nate Martin

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Nate Martin

PhD Student, Department of Marketing

437 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Research in progress

Title: Patterns, Essence, and Predictability

Description: Consumers place great value on predictability and control. The present research uses this launching point to investigate consumers’ valuation of objects whose history may involve distinct patterns. As “patterns” are discernible regularities that offer predictability, we study both how consumers value objects with a more or less patterned history, and how preferences for older (vs. newer) objects are affected by the extent to which predicting patterns is important. Our conceptualization is based on drawing parallels between psychological essentialism and the concept of patterns.

Status: On-Going

Research Type: Scholarly


Title: How argument order expectancies influence advertisement efficacy

Year: 2018

Title: Working hard to take the easy way out

Year: 2018