Author affiliations were tabulated for articles in the top three journals in the field of Marketing for the past five years (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Consumer Research). In terms of total author-articles (i.e. an article with 3 authors from one school was given credit for 3 hits), UC's Marketing Department ranks 25th of all schools worldwide and 23rd of all US schools (229 colleges/universities worldwide are represented in these three journals). Using total articles and accounting for ties, UC's Marketing Department ties for 14th place world-wide and 13th place domestically. Among public colleges/universities, UC ranks 16th in terms of total articles, and ranks 11th if accounting for ties. UC ranks ahead of prestigious business schools such as MIT, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Carnegie Mellon, Yale, Maryland, Texas A&M, Virginia and Iowa.

The number of faculty that comprises a department varies greatly, however, among these colleges and universities. Perhaps a better measure of research productivity of any given department would be the ratio of the number of author-articles to the number of faculty in that department. Using this ratio, UC's Marketing Department ranks 21st world-wide (19th if accounting for ties), 20th in the US (18th if counting ties), and 10th among public universities (8th if accounting for ties). UC ranks ahead of many prestigious business schools including Harvard, Chicago, Penn State, Michigan, North Carolina, Indiana, Minnesota, Case Western, Pittsburgh, Ohio State and Michigan State.

Further, UC's authors have received awards for articles in these top journals, which demonstrate the continued effect that these articles have on the field. These include the Best Research Article Award from the American Marketing Association's Selling and Sales Management SIG for a 2002 Journal of Marketing article. A best article award for a 1994 Journal of Marketing article. UC faculty co-authored two of the three finalists for the 1991-1993 Journal of Consumer Research best article award. A 1987 Journal of Marketing article was ranked number two out of the Top Ten Sales Articles of the 20th Century by the American Marketing Association in 2001 (and this article has been cited nearly 400 times). These are awards for articles in the top three journals only; UC Marketing faculty have received numerous other “best paper” awards in many other outlets.

UC faculty are active in reviewing for these prestigious publications and have won several “best reviewer” and “outstanding reviewer” awards. One of our faculty is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Consumer Research and a former Editor of the Journal of Consumer Psychology. UC faculty hold three seats on the Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Marketing Editorial Review Boards. All together, Lindner Marketing faculty members hold 20 seats on the Editorial Review Boards of 16 different journals.

Consumer Psychology is an area of expertise for UC's Marketing Department. Indeed, our ConsumerPsych@UC Research Group ranks highly in journal publications. Using the same process as above, author affiliations were tabulated for the top three journals in the consumer psychology area (Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Psychology & Marketing). For total articles in these journals, UC ranks 13th in the world, 11th in the U.S., and 8th among public colleges/universities (11th, 9th, and 7th, respectively, when accounting for ties).
Finally, an important measure of scholarly influence is the number of times an article is cited. In a recent published study, UC's Marketing Department was ranked 10th out of 227 institutions for the number of annual citations by number of publications in the top three journals for the time period 1991-1995. Among public universities, we rank 6th. Citations of UC articles rank higher than Stanford, Harvard, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Chicago, MIT, Texas-Austin, Northwestern, NYU, and UCLA.

Collectively, these rankings, awards, and journal reviewing activity demonstrate the research excellence of Lindner's Marketing Department.