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Susan P. Mantel, PhD


2345 Carl H. Lindner Hall


I am the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs at the Lindner College of Business. My background is in consumer behavior and marketing strategy and study human decision making in many areas including CB, Sales, and business to business settings. Specialties: Negotiation, Consumer Behavior, Decision Making

Awards | Honors
Organization: EdVentures
Name: Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Recruitment Challenge (mentored a team of 5 students who created an IMC plan and won first place)
Year Received: 2012

Organization: American Academy of Advertising
Name: 2012 AAA Research Felloship Award
Year Received: 2012

Organization: Journal of Operations Management
Name: Winner:  Journal of Operations Management's Best Paper Award
Year Received: 2007

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Major: Marketing
Dissertation: Individual Differences in Preference and Satisfaction:  The Moderating Influence of Involvement, Need for Cognition, and Direction of Comparison on the Choice Decision
Completed: 1994
Degree: Ph D

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Major: Marketing
Completed: 1986
Degree: MBA

Institution: Bowling Green State University
Completed: 1982
Degree: Other

Published Contributions
Rebecca VanMeter, Holly Syrdal, Susan Mantel, Douglas Grisaffe, Erik Nesson,  (2019). If you want more than just "Likes," Attachment is better than attitude. Keller Center Research Report, 6.

Rebecca VanMeter, Holly Syrdal, Susan Mantel, Douglas Grisaffe, Erik Nesson,  (2018). Don't Just "Like" Me, Promote Me:  How Attachment and Attitude Influence Brand Related Behaviors on Social Media. Journal of Interactive Marketing, Elsevier, 83-97.

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Title: Sustainable Assessment:  A case study in making assessment second nature
Organization: University of Akron
Location: University of Akron
Year: 2012

Title: Improving the Predictive Power of Consumer Research by Measuring Naturally-Occuring Judgments
Organization: Society of Consumer Psychology
Location: Vanderbilt University
Year: 2010